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  1. I'm gonna need a close up of some of those other pages.... for research purposes.
  2. Typing is noticeably choppy/delayed. One way to test this is to mash 20-30 keys and stop abruptly. How long does it take for the type to catch up? One feature I like about other typing platforms specifically Word is that the cursor helps give the illusion of a smoother typing experience. This is a tad bit nit-picky, but it's something that helps create a very polished feel.
  3. Another HUGE necessity is the ability to see both the bleed line (red) and artboard line (black). I've seen others post about this issue as well so I'm sure it's probably been passed on.
  4. Came here to recommend this feature as well. Entering all 4 fields individually is *most of the time* unnecessary.