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  1. meggiemoo

    Spacing Between Text Lines

    Hi Walt! Thanks so much for your reply. I've been using shift+enter, however there is still a bit too large of a gap (or too close of one sometimes). Is there some sort of "leading" feature that offers more precision?
  2. I might be missing something, but is there an option for the "Subtract" "Add" "intersect" buttons in Affinity Publisher, like there is in AD? If not...that would be nice
  3. This is probably a stupid question but I can't seem to figure out how to control the spacing in between pressing enter to start a new line. I'll attach two pictures of what I've done with changing the Leading Override from 2pt to 3pt. You'll see that there is a massive difference between 2 and 3 pt. Is there any way that you can control the spaces between lines more than this?

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