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  1. You are soooo right about Aldus PageMaker, which allowed us a full 8-page layout in the first iteration, if memory serves me right. The first InDesign was nowhere near as complete as Publisher beta. In fact it was almost unusable for us. We moved to Quark for two or three years. Thanks Affinity team for a very promising beta.
  2. Absolutely right. We are hanging on to MacOS Yosemite, as it is the last one where fully paid version of CS6 is actually running under. Would be nice to update the OS.
  3. 7dwarfs

    Affinity Photo pdf manual for your enjoyment.

    You can do this by opening the pdf in Acrobat Pro, and adding a footer.
  4. 7dwarfs

    Fixed Ratio & Size Marquees

    Same here. I regulary need to crop images to a specific ratio, like 640x480. In Photoshop I just draw a marquee, then, having determined what I want, I crop the selection. Voilá, ready for export
  5. Excellent. I just did my first Affinity project after years with "those others". So far a very comfortable ride. Thanks.
  6. Hi, With the Effects tool open I tried to move from opacity to radius then offset. Clicking the tab key when being in offset results in "Hide Studio". When fixing this bug, maybe you can offer this improvement: When one enters a value in the opacity field (not using the sliders) using the tab key it would be nice if the cursor would then move to the radius value field, etc. Oops: Would be nice if Flash was not required to show the "Choose files..." button Thanks