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I seem to be going round in circles in trying to resolve this issue, so please help me if you can.

I have an image that I want to crop at a diagonal (see attached image). It would seem that the Add/Subtract/etc. functions only work when it is two shapes that are being worked on, not a shape and an image - at least, when I try to do this, they are all greyed-out except for the Divide function (which doesn't appear to do anything).

I have tried using a jpeg image, but have also converted that image to an eps and an svg, all with no luck.

Am I doing something wrong, or asking AD to do something it can't - and, if that is the case, what can I do as an alternative? Is there a function in AP that would allow me to do this?

I want to overlay the resulting, cropped, image onto an artist's impression.

Any input would be much appreciated.


Shape from image.afdesign

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Hi Dolly Levi,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
One quick way to do it is simply switching the Blend mode of the rectangle from Normal to Erase in the Layers panel. Another is to drag the image above the shape/path layer in the Layers panel to use the it as a clipping path and adjust the nodes of it to show just what you need in the image. Boolean operations will not work for this - you will end up losing the image as you discovered.

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