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Affinity Support & Questions

If you have any questions about Affinity Software - then post in these forums.

Welcome to the Affinity Forums

We’re a friendly bunch of people and everyone, from novice to expert, is welcome to post on this forum with questions, suggestions and bugs. Here’s our main rules:

  1. Be nice. Do not insult, harass, or "SHOUT" at anyone. Any personal criticism or attacks will immediately result in your account being suspended or removed.
  2. Try not to multi-post the same issue. It really helps us and our community out if you search the forum first to see if your topic has already been covered.
  3. Please just ask one question per thread. If your post title is something along the lines of “How can I do all of these things?” you’ll be asked to split them up.
  4. This is a tech forum for like-minded creative individuals using Affinity apps. Please keep conversations on topic - this isn’t the place to talk politics, or last night’s footie score. [Cat discussions, however, are allowed]

Our full community guidelines are here.


  1. Affinity on Desktop Questions (macOS and Windows)

    If you have any questions about using Affinity Desktop Software - then post here.

  2. Affinity on iPad Questions

    If you have any questions about using Affinity iPad Software - then post here.

  3. Customer Service, Accounts and Purchasing

    Licensing, Buying and Ordering queries go in here

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