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  1. [For APv1 and ADv1, not v2; I'm firmly committed to NOT upgrading] In the attached document, I want to choose all the [whatever] in ONE of the groups to bulk change the fill color. Selecting by either fill color (in ADv1) or tag color (in APv1, after manually adding color tags to each layer) selects that fill/tag color in both groups. I want to end up with a file containing 10 groups, all colored differently. I've already saved the single-group copy 10 times, which will give me the desired end result (10 jpg files) but I'd like to know if there's a single file method (which would be consistent with my normal workflow.) 20221219-bau-grid1.afphoto
  2. A distinction without a difference. Again, original question hasn't been answered during this foray into the surrounding scenery.
  3. Ah, so it hasn't been fixed in v2; it just appears to be fixed because they've removed Separated Mode. So: I understand the points made. All are correct. Original question still stands.
  4. On my Mac, this is what happens: Screen Recording 2022-11-25 at 5.37.22 PM.mov In v2, it goes X, Y, W, H
  5. Short version: is it possible for me to change the tab bevavior in the transform dialog box? I realize the answer is "No, it's not possible." This is me asking for the sake of ticking all the boxes before heaving the big ol' sad sigh and living with it. Details: One of the handful of maddening issues with v1 of Photo and Designer was that in the transform dialog, the tab order was x-position —> width —> y-position —> height which is inefficient and confusing. While that's corrected in v2, h'ray, I can't use v2 because of more egregious design flaws. So, the question: is it possible for me to change this behavior?
  6. I can't speak to your experience, @walt.farrell , or to what others did or didn't say, but I have loudly proclaimed the joy of Separated Mode since the day I bought Photo, and never saw it touted as a solution to anything. But, no, even if the 3 of us who used it all day every day had written epic poems praising Separated Mode, it was clear from the confused responses to my very first forum post, and the ongoing 'eh?' every time I asked if this, that, or the other challenge with Separated Mode for Mac was ever going to be addressed in an update, that it was one of those times that the squeaky wheel, instead of grease, got replaced. (Now that's a song I DID write.) No profit-seeking enterprise is going to throw money at an obscure challenge affecting a tiny user base. I'd love to have seen it fixed, but Serif is a business, not my buddy with a programming company. It is what it is. Back to using v1, and now that I know I'm on my own, munging some scripts to fiddle with the issues myself.
  7. Yes, it was possible before. Now, it's easy and intuitive. Is it mission critical? No. But, for instance, logo designers who want to compose using 'golden ratio scaled' shapes can now do it in far less time with far less effort. Axe vs chainsaw.
  8. How well does it work? Considering ADv2 just for that feature.
  9. Why the argumentative tone? I did not buy it blindly, I bought it with full confidence in the company selling it, based on years of experience with the previous version. And I have, in fact, already requested a refund, so I don't need your instruction to do so. There was no "argument" and we're not making a "feature request." We are expressing our disappointment. If you are not disappointed, your comments might possibly show a lack of perception of our perspective. If you're walking past a conversation in which you have no interest, and which, in fact, seems to annoy you, rather than butting in and telling those involved to change their behavior, why not just keep walking? Your only comments here have been negative ad hominem pokes, adding nothing, and riling normally calm and reserved people like me who, frankly, don't need or deserve your attitude. If you have something productive and helpful to say, spell it out.
  10. How would that have made a difference? The problem is not with requesting a refund, which is dead simple, it is with the removal of what we consider a vital aspect of the tool.
  11. One window is apparently the main window. I didn't try to resize it once I realized the toolbar can't be detached, as in Separated Mode. The whole point was to have ALL the tools on one monitor and ALL the documents on the other. When a bunch of tools are connected to the primary document, that's not possible. It's a deal breaker for me.
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