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  1. Yes, I agree, but anyway I'm sad that I can't copy & paste from PagePlus to Publisher. Or - if be honest, I can, but result is awful. Same time coping and pasting from Xara or Corel to Publisher works flawlessly. Yes - no good without bad and vice versa.
  2. It is sad, if good old and well working will be abandoned and sacrificed for altar of who knows what. PagePlus has huge amount of features that Publisher lacks, but in Publisher are few good things that PP misses. Yes - every new takes time to develop, but unfortunately - there is no ideal things in the world. There is much easier to make better already good thing, then rebuild new one to level of familiar possibilities. And what concerns Photo and Designer - they also lacks features that are elementary for that kind of programs, so I must use different ones (Xara, Corel, Adobe) with it, to establish my needs... My complains would be nonexistent, if only at least I would copy and paste simple vector graphics from PagePlus to Publisher, but not - I must export PDF from PagePlus and then import it to Publisher! Where is there sober mind? You release something new and spit to the old so you can't use it with new one in proper way anymore... And what concerns to "forks", then english is not my native language and this typo instead of "works" not bothers me. If it bothers you, then it is your problem. I'm not even sorry. And yes - as I said - there are many features in Photo and Designer which absent is ridiculous. And no - knife tool is not missing dot from "i" and will not lead paradise to earth. There are many things missing in Designer that normal vector drawing programs can and must have in present-days...
  3. Yes - it is non facing, and yes - as you see in video - right after clicking to second table and when first table must lose selection, Publisher disapears... 20190710-183052.avi
  4. Make new document with two pages. Then insert to both of them a table. Now take page one and select with mouse dragging all cells from top left to bottom right. Then scroll to second page (don’t select second page from pages studio, or you lose selection from table one) and instantly begin drag from upper left cell from table in second page for selecting all cells in those too. Magic happens – Publisher disappears as never been there… Windows 7 64bit Service pack 1, 12 giga RAM, Intel i7, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti. One more. If I put table to master page and then change information on them not in master page, but on ordinary pages that use that master page, I can’t change cell insets values anymore, as in real page they are grayed (that I understand why), but when I change them in Master Page, in Master Page I can see changes, but in child pages not. Are you kidding? Where I can then change table formatting, if in child page they are grayed and changing them in master page did not affect child pages? And one strange thing more. When I start Publisher and make new document, it’s beginning type is Print (Press-Ready) and size A3. But surprise, surprise – layout says that document width is 210mm and height 99mm! And yes exactly this size new document will be. If I choose from page preset A4 and then A3 again, then correct sizes appear. And if we already talking about Affinity programs, then why the hell all Affinity programs, older and last ones too, send ‘ (apostrophe) character to my keyboard buffer? It is little bit annoying, I think.
  5. Using brush for vector objects lines Moving crop selection with arrow keys Perspective crop
  6. What the hell we are talking about? Serif - maker of Affinity Publisher, was also maker of PagePlus, and in PagePlus imposition for PDF's forks fine. They say that Affinity Publisher is better than PagePlus and they did not develop it anymore!? 8| Yes - I bought also AP, but it is not good enough for me until it has not possibility for impose PDF pages. Sad. Why I must use third party programs for that? I did not see any publishing improvements in AP (Okay, using Designer and Photo inside Publisher is good improvement, but pointless, untill I can't export work out in normal way, suitable for printing plant. And yes - in printing plant they can readjust pages, but that needs some personal guidence from me sometimes. So its much easier give them allready cooked and ready to print PDF. PagePlus allows that, AP not. ) - there is not even double line styles. And yes again - I can do those with other methods, but why new much-hyped thing makes life harder? It's rigmarole... But I hope that they will improve it. At least as same good as PagePlus was and still is...
  7. Sorry, but neither suggestions did not work for me (Windows Desktop Photo 1.7). Yes - layers are moveable by those ways, buy not crop selection...
  8. +1 from me. How even can it be that there is no feature for moving crop selection pixel by pixel with keyboard arrows?! What are you thinking, developers? Are you using your software by yourselves? I doubt...
  9. I don't understand one thing - how Adobe Photoshop users can use Affinity Photo fithout path brush stroke? Missing this feature in AP is like you are bound from hands and legs... Yes - it somehow implemented in AD, but come on - brushes in AD are not so powerful as in AP.
  10. Ehh - I don't understand. Why this elementary feature as proportional croping is missing from so called "best of the best" photoediting software. Developers, please examine how PhotoImpact (rest in peace): makes crops. Even percpective crop from PhotoImpact is a beast, not seen elsewhere. I truly wanted to start using Inffinity Photo as there is some good features that are missing in PhotoImpact as it is a very old and not in development anymore, but I gladly use it instead Affinity as I can get results more quickly. Very sad. Please make my days brighter and make at least functional proportional crop and even perspective croping. It's huge selling argument, i think. Question is - whom you make this programm - for yourself or others. If for yourself, then I understand and appologise for bothering, but if for others, then quik and simple proportional croping is something that we need in everyday life and perspective croping is must be for them who take photos from plane objects. Thanks.
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