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  1. Hi all, I was wondering on MacOS what happens with the update installation files with the automatic update after they are installed? Are they automatically deleted or they remain on the hard drive? Thanks
  2. Hey everyone, Is it normal that I can't choose the colors for the gradient overlay effect? I try double clicking the litIe gradient window, hopping to get a dialog where I can select the colors, but nothing happens. I updated recently and I don't know if this is a bug or it was never there. Thanks a lot for any advise.
  3. Hi, I was working on a document in French with the auto hyphenation enabled. All seems to be good, except for two words that are wrong. I wonder, is there is a way to let Publisher know that a particular document is in French? Would that have avoided these two errors. électron-ique instead of électro-nique postdoctor-ales instead of postdocto-rales Thanks!
  4. Is it normal for AP to keep the column breaks when copying a text from Word and pasting it using the Paste without format?
  5. Thanks for this trick, I was not aware of this feature. I would still argue that there should be a limit in the UI to the size of text.
  6. When I add space before in a paragraph style, 40 pt, for example, the font in the text style panel becomes way too small, to the point, it can't be read. There should be a limit to how small fonts can be in the UI. See the screenshot attached Heading 1 (above Heading 2) and Name on the bottom (above 1. Numbered 1) PS: I just realized that I misplaced this thread, this is a Publisher for Mac bug, not Designer...
  7. Hi, I'm really stuck with something that I'm not sure how to describe in technical terms. I have three layers: the image of the grey boxes semi-transparent blue bg the whit text I would like the white text to be like a mask, so that instead of white text to make the blue transparent. How could I achieve this with the Affinity Suite? Thanks a lot for any help!
  8. Please take a look at this file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13AGoSPLVlIoybpZvSh2qxcjlKjXVSMyu There is Gaussian Blur applied to the image, yet when the file is exported to PDF (for print) the blur is not working and the picture is pixelated: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1s-PMkgbh0c5cZdTS1JQ15Um316YYta1q
  9. Hi, Is it possible to export a document using Panton colours as an EPS that would keep the PMS values? Thanks!
  10. Next time, I will post a screenshot. For this question, I did not because it would have made things more confusing.
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