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  1. BTW Betamax vs VHS, it was the porn industry that made VHS the winner. I wonder when (not if) they will want to reduce their environmental footprint and move everything to WebP. That will put pressure on Apple to update Safari and might have an impact on Serif too. Fingers crossed!
  2. There is this comment from 2019, where Andy Somerfield explains that they don't like adding a feature that they are not sure it will be useful in the future. He also mentions here that they planed to include it in version 1.9. Not that I would have the skills to do it, but wouldn't be better to approach export support for exotic formats with a plugin? This way the Affinity team would not be bound to support it as part of the entire package.
  3. Woohoo! I absolutely love the way you put together this announcement including the links to the tutorials! Great job everyone at Affinity! You guys rock!
  4. Hi, Maybe it's related to my previous question about the Fields being greyed out, I can't align object to "Selection" only to Spread. Why is that? Thanks a lot for any help and advise.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to add a page number field to my master page, but it's greyed out. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  6. I would change the opacity of the layer on which the text is.
  7. When I try opening this image in Affinity Suite, most of the image is missing, like some layers would not be visible.
  8. Thanks a lot, Thomaso! As an insider, would you mind taking a look at my previous post. I'm not sure if it's an Affinity issue, or if it's an issue with the pictures I used. I might have miss placed my topic in the forum, it started out as a question and when I figured out the solution, I realized that it could be a bug. I can't share the original picture on the forum because of privacy issues, but I don't mind sending your team the picture through a private channel. Thanks.
  9. Thanks a lot, Thomaso. I did do a search before posting, but I did not see it. Good that you guys know about it.
  10. Hi, Once I add a hyperlink to a text, I can't change it. See the file attached as well the screenshot of hyperlinks missing from the menu. AP 1.8.3 hyperlink-bug.afpub
  11. Here is part of the image that I can share that causes the problem. In case an Affinity developer wants to take a look at this.
  12. I found the problem, it was caused by the images that I cropped in the Photo persona. I had to rasterize them in order for the PDF export to work. This might be a bug.
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