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  1. I'm sorry to be missing something. If I detach the master, then I lose all other info from the master - such as page numbers and titles in the margins. Maybe I should restate what I need. I need to be able to create ad document that is 9 1/4 x 6 1/8 inches and which has preset margins. And I need a default text block that appears on all new pages added to the doc. That way I can easily resize any text block on any page, I do need Master Pages, but not which contain text blocks. I just need to be able to add special characters to the master pages. I'm a crossover from InDesign and I'm already seeing some things that work much better in Affinity. This one just has me stumped!
  2. Is there a way to have a default text block on all pages of a new document? So if you were writing a book, all pages would have the same text dimensions.
  3. I'm trying to create a template and have included a text frame on Odd and Even Master Pages. I then add a page to my document and apply one of the masters. The text frame appears but it is not resizable. I can add text to it but I can't change the text block to, say, a half page size. Is the size locked due to the Master? With InDesign you can add a text frame whenever you create a new document and the "native" text frame appears on all new pages. But I can't see a way to do that in Affinity. Please advise. Thank you! MASTER PAGE TEMPLATE.afpub To be clear, I CAN change the size of the text frame on the Master page. But after the master is added to a doc page, I can't change it.
  4. I have a document, "Butch Callaway", which I used as a template for a new document, "Al Yancey". I gutted a lot of info, added new content, and saved as "Al Yancey".. Everything went well until I exported the doc as a PDF. Adobe still shows the title of the PDF as "Butch Callaway Editable PDF". Please advise. Thank you! Reverend_Al_Yancey.afpub
  5. As I continue to use APum more and more, I'm exporting documents in a variety of ways, ie PDFs, images, etc In Windows, the File TYPE is always listed as "Affininty Publisher File". Is there a config setting such that PDFs, etc will show up as 'PDF" when exported, or as "Affinity PDF"?
  6. Being able to assign macros to the Function Keys would be best. e.g. in Photoshop, I assign a macro to F7 which will save to any Specific folder and then close the image without saving. Please request that in the next upgrade!
  7. I woke up this morning with a solution in mind and it worked very simply. I just put the cursor in a text block and hit enter. This clears the text block and moves all the downstream boxes out of sequence. Then I just go to the next text block and delete the text. Everything then moves back in place. By the way, Affinity does a beautiful job with number fields on Masters. It's simple and the number of every page in a doc changes when a new page is created anywhere.
  8. I'm having a monstrous problem. I've added all the pictures and I now need to delete the empty picture and text frames. I tried every way I know to unlink the objects on pages 7 and 8 but nothing works. I've tried assigning a new master to one of the pages and that wrecks the document. I've tried inserting a new page with a blank master between 7 and 8, but the link from page 7 jumps the new page and continues to link to the objects on page 8. Reallly frustrating! Please advise. TEMP.afpub
  9. Thank you for the fixes! My books will be very small for the next several months so Apub's book files will be fine. Can you send me a link to a video tutorial on creating a book?
  10. I've finished the main part of my project now and it's working great! You can view the file if you like. I really appreciate the effort everyone put into this. I've been looking through forums and searchs and it seems like the discussions have resolved that APub cannot be used to create books. Is that true? If so, I'll start devising a workaround. Even with APub's current limitations it's still an increible tool for $50. And I know new features are forthcoming. ENCOURAGERS_Alphabetical_Directory.afpub
  11. Problem SOLVED! I changed the Image Placement Policy to Embedded and everything is working fine now. I can insert new people or delete existing people. Even though this document was originally set up for Linked as the preferred Image Placement Policy and even though all the other images are links, it appears that embedding the new images makes a difference. I'll be working on this first document for a few days and will post here again to let you know if it works smoothely and without glitches or crashes. Thanks to everyone who took an interest and helped with this!
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