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  1. Hello All, I have a rather unusual request and hope that no one is upset by my posting it on this Forum. I write short stories and get them illustrated via posting commissions. One story I want illustrated is particularly suited to being illustrated in a digital art form but my usual postings have not generated any interest form digital artists. I am wondering if anyone on this Forum is, or knows of, an artist who might be interested in a paid commission to illustrate a short story. If so, I would be happy to hear from them so that we might continue discussions directly, off the Forum. Sincerely, Robin
  2. Thank you for the response. Finally, I have made a little progress but still have many confusions. Ultimately, I hope to print a book, of about ten signatures, then bind in a standard, sewn signatures, way. I use Windows 7. For now, I am not doing the imposition but simply printing left- and right-hand pages (a spread) on the same sheet of paper and, for now, am using just one side of the paper. (This is because the story is being exhibited alongside the originals of the illustrations and, hence, the printing is only on one side.) I finally (after many months of effort, forcing me to get pdf software and exporting from Publisher to pdf, then working with the pdf) used the N-up page printing with N = 2 and no space between the pages to accomplish the printing of a spread. I am hoping that this capability, together with using the Booklet printing options may enable me to print signatures. If not, I will still have to export to pdf first and that has resulted in a massive number of color-management problems for me so far. Even without getting involved with pdfs, I still have many color problems. I have found that the same file, using the same color space in Photo and the same color space in Publisher, and on the same monitor, at the same time, can look very different. This is quite disconcerting. Moving from monitor to print brings its own set of problems. I'm missing something, and something important, but I simply can't discover what it is. One person recommended that I convert all my images to CMYK first. I tried that but got much poorer results. I try very hard to make the best choices of color space, ICC profiles etc. but it is just trial and error. I need a whole lot more explanation. I am quite prepared to spend the time learning but I can't find the information to give me the chance to do this learning. The document has a Colour Format but it also has a Colour Profile and then there is the opportunity to Assign or Convert. I have no idea what I should be doing and don't know how I can find out. And there may be specific problems when I come to print. I had awful problems with my DataColor calibration and the tech team tried to help me out. I was UTTERLY certain that colour management was switched OFF (set to NONE) in the printer driver of my Canon PRO-100 but, when I sent them the file that had been produced by their software, they could tell that the printer was till doing color management. I contacted Canon about this, on two different occasions and received two different AND OPPOSING suggestions. This does not help. I can get my images the way I want them on my calibrated monitor using Photo. That works fine. It's when I take them from there into Publisher that the problems start. Using Soft Proof in Publisher one gets, in addition to the selection of the ICC profile and the Intent, a great list of other tweaks. This is tremendous for fine-tuning the image as one is looking at it using the Soft Proof, but one does not have these capabilities when one switches off the Soft Proof in preparation to printing. So what's the point, all the tweaks are lost? As you can tell, while I can handle the writing of the story, the photography and the editing, and the layout of all that stuff in Publisher, it is the actual publishing that has proven utterly beyond me. If you know of some document or book I can get that will explain what I should do and why, I will gladly get it and study it. Thanks for your assistance. Robin
  3. Hello, How do you print a spread directly from Publisher? Can someone give me a good reference to printing, one that covers printing spread, doing imposition, how selecting specific attributes (like bleed or no bleed, trim marks etc.) affects the (seemingly) endless options on the Export to PDF drop down etc. I am having a very hard time printing my work. I did manage to print pages successfully but just can't manage to get good spreads when I have to go through creating a pdf first. (I do make use of soft-proofing, use an NEC PA271Q monitor (that I keep well-calibrated) a Canon PRO-100 printer, Red River Ultra Pro Satin 4.0 with the appropriate ICC profile.) The printing I need right now is for an Exhibition taking place in Scotland in April, so this is (for me) a very serious problem. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Robin
  4. Hello, I'm a beginner, making progress but slowly. I'm getting better at making selections, masks and layers but keep having the following problem. I'm working on a photo that was taken in terrible lighting conditions. Seascape, sea, islands far out and sky. I have made separate selections for the sky, the sea and all the land (foreground and islands). There are in separate layers with corresponding adjustments and each, separately, looks fine. However, when I view all together, there are "halos" between the sky and sea and sky and land. Is there a way that I can either avoid it in the first place or fix it now? I have looked through the book and tried many things but simply can't find anything that works. Best regards to all, Robin
  5. This is amazing input Dave. Thanks. I noticed that, if I select Crop Marks, then the preset goes away. But this is only the beginning. It is a small book I am making myself and have been worrying about which colour space to use etc. Which ICC profile etc. I will (come the time) be using fairly high quality inkjet photo paper and have the ICC profiles for these papers with the printer I will be using (Canon PRO-100). But there are so many links in the chain: camera colour spaces, what happens within Affinity Photo, then Publisher, then when I convert to PDF for printing, then the final printing. Is there any publication that can help me keep all this colour management straight? And what about the dpi (or ppi)? I was planning to print a few test images at different dpi (on the paper I plan to use) and then see if I can tell any difference. Thanks, Robin
  6. RobinMcL

    Missing fonts

    I followed the suggestion in a reply I got; copied the text into Notepad, then copied from Notepad back into Publisher, then set the font I wanted. That worked fine. Publisher is fantastic. My problem is that I am new to this entire area and do NOT have any book that can explain things to me. I hope that Serif brings out a book like the one for Photo. Actually, even that is not quite enough. For someone like me (new to the entire area) I need more than a book that tells me how to use certain features. I, first, need a book that tells me what features might help me solve a problem I have. I recall when I was still a mathematician. I was telling an academic colleague about some consulting I was doing with a computer company. He was envious and said "Let me know if they have any integral equations to solve." I replied "Industry never has integral equations to solve. In fact they never have mathematical problems to solve. They have 'problems'. They don't know that they may be mathematical ones. It is the job of the mathematician to decide if there is any mathematics that can help and, if so, to do it - no matter what it is." So, I got fantastic help from someone who suggested I use a Gaussian (Gauss was a mathematician) blur. My problem was not being able to find a Gaussian FX. It was so much more fundamental. It was in knowing that a Gaussian blur would solve my problem. Sadly, that's the level that I am at. People like yourself are enormously helpful to me but I keep worrying that I am so stupid with my questions that I am wasting your time. Cheers, Robin
  7. RobinMcL

    Missing fonts

    Great idea Walt. I copied the text into Notepad then, from there, back into Publisher and saved as a new file. No error message when opening it! Good. However, the Font Manager claims there is Arial (not ArialMT) but, on location, it is NOT Arial at all. So, still something strange but at least I don't get the error massage anymore. Where would I be without the Forum and people like you?! Thanks, Robin
  8. RobinMcL

    Missing fonts

    Hello Walt, The document was set up in Publisher but a lot of the text was copied and pasted from a (very similar) PagePlusX9 document. There have been so many changes since - all in Publisher - that I cannot say for sure if the text, that the Font Manager sends me to, originated in Publisher or in PagePlusX9. I suppose I could try deleting it all and retyping it. Cheers, Robin
  9. Additional input. My comment about the preset PDF (for print) was incorrect. I had tried it on part of the document and it did fine. However, I have now tried it on the entire document and, while one part was fine, another part (one that had been fine before) was now very faded. Sorry for the confusion. I cannot bypass the PDF stage as I need to send a pdf file to an editor. So getting a pdf that looks like what I see in Publisher, is important. Sincerely, Robin
  10. Hello, I am experiencing strange behaviour with images exported as a PDF. I also need to have crop marks and registration marks. The biggest problem is with images when I export as a PDF. Some of the images, but NOT all, come out very faded. Some are jpgs, some tiffs, all use the same ICC profile and the same color space. It is much better if I use the PDF (for print) preset. However, when I use that I can't get crop marks and this is essential for my purpose. Firstly, I don't understand why some of the images come out fine and others don't. Can anyone explain? Secondly, is there a way that I can get the equivalent of what happens with the "for print" preset but with crop marks? Thanks, Robin
  11. Hello, I get a message saying that ArialMT is missing. Then, in the Font Manager, I select that entry and use the Locate button. It takes me to a text box. This is when I get confused. The Font Manager says that Palatino Linotypre was used as a substitution for the ArialMT. However, when I examine the text box that I had been taken to, ALL the text is Book Antiqua (or so the Character Panel says), which happens to be the font I wanted. I have not, consciously, used ArialMT anywhere in the document. I have the following problem: Is the entire issue a bug and so I should just ignore it? Have I, without knowing it, used ArialMT somewhere but the Font Manager has given me the wrong location, in which case, I better scan the entire document to find the offending ArialMT? Is the font in the text block actually ArialMT, even though the Character Panel says it is Book Antiqua, in which case there is a bug in the Character Panel? Any ideas? Sincerely, Robin
  12. Utterly brilliant!! I have been struggling with this problem for over a year (PhotoPlus, PagePlus, then Photo and Publisher). You have solved the problem for me. Many, many thanks. I hope there will be a book for Publisher. The one for Photo is very helpful indeed. Robin
  13. Hello, I responded immediately but now think that I did not do it the correct way and you may not have received my reply. Any assistance in helping me get a round-cornered rectangular transparency box would be great. Cheers, Robin Transparency test.afpub
  14. To Old Bruce, Thanks. I'll remember that one. From now on, in moments of despair, I will say to myself "Never mind, I had the chance to have something in common with Mark Twain." Robin
  15. Thanks for the comments. My problem (not well described I'm afraid) was not just getting the page numbers (I had done that as you suggest) but in defining the starting page. I have several pages of acknowledgements, copyright info, etc. and the story starts on page 6. However, I want that page to be considered as page 1. I did this fine in PPX9 but can't find out how to do it in Publisher. I have also looked at the section manager and notice that I can ADD to the initial count (so that, if I enter 10 then page 6 becomes page 16) however, I can't put in a negative number say -5 in which case page 6 would become page 1 - which is just what I want. But I'll keep trying. I am desperately trying to get the story to an editor by the end of the month but am experiencing too many setbacks. (The latest makes the text fuzzy! I can't send that to an editor.) Cheers, Robin