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  1. Utterly brilliant!! I have been struggling with this problem for over a year (PhotoPlus, PagePlus, then Photo and Publisher). You have solved the problem for me. Many, many thanks. I hope there will be a book for Publisher. The one for Photo is very helpful indeed. Robin
  2. Hello, I responded immediately but now think that I did not do it the correct way and you may not have received my reply. Any assistance in helping me get a round-cornered rectangular transparency box would be great. Cheers, Robin Transparency test.afpub
  3. To Old Bruce, Thanks. I'll remember that one. From now on, in moments of despair, I will say to myself "Never mind, I had the chance to have something in common with Mark Twain." Robin
  4. Thanks for the comments. My problem (not well described I'm afraid) was not just getting the page numbers (I had done that as you suggest) but in defining the starting page. I have several pages of acknowledgements, copyright info, etc. and the story starts on page 6. However, I want that page to be considered as page 1. I did this fine in PPX9 but can't find out how to do it in Publisher. I have also looked at the section manager and notice that I can ADD to the initial count (so that, if I enter 10 then page 6 becomes page 16) however, I can't put in a negative number say -5 in which case page 6 would become page 1 - which is just what I want. But I'll keep trying. I am desperately trying to get the story to an editor by the end of the month but am experiencing too many setbacks. (The latest makes the text fuzzy! I can't send that to an editor.) Cheers, Robin
  5. Hello, I have just installed - and all the text is fuzzy. I am using several fints: Courier New, Freehand591 BT, Book Antiqua, Andulus, and Palatino Linotype. Some text is (now) almost unreadable. Is there a magic fix, can I go back to the previous version (which did not have this problem), when is the next version coming out? Cheers, Robin
  6. Hello, I have a story with photos on every page. Parts of the photos are made transparent so that text, which is on top of the photo, is readable. When I export as a PDF for printing purposes, the transparency is not handled well. I believe that the appropriate PDF standard to accomplish this is the VT standard. Are there plans to support this PDF standard? If not, does anyone know a work around that I might use? At this point in time, I simply don't know how to control the transparency from Publisher (where it is great) to the PDF. Sincerely, Robin McLeod
  7. This is a fantastic tool and I am using it a lot in a book where text is on top of a photo and I need to lighten (make more transparent) the photo under the text so that I can see it clearly. There is, however, one additional shape I would like, a rectangle. The text blocks are rectangular and I would like to be able to have a rectangular (actually, a rectangle with curved corners) transparency shape. Currently, I have to use an elliptical shape. Great product. Thanks, Robin
  8. Hello All, I am trying to set the starting page number on a Master Page. I have looked at the Section Manager and, what looks like where this should be set, is grayed out. Have I missed the place to set this or is it a known bug that will be fixed in time? Sincerely, Robin
  9. Can I export a PDF as pages (from a Facing pages spread) that includes the bleed as it is in the spread? If I export as spreads then I cannot split up the spreads for printing as a booklet. If I export as pages and include bleed, then it adds bleed round ALL sides of each page so one gets EXTRA bleed which messes up the printing. (PagePlusX9 did the correct thing here.) I feel that there must be a way but I have tried many options and have not found it yet.\ Thanks, Robin
  10. I'm not really sure if this is a bug or not, but I hope so. I had a PagePlusX9 file of a short story with images. It is 2.3MB. I entered it again in Publisher. The Publisher file is 1.3GB - same thing. This is huge. The corresponding PDF files, which I need to use in my imposition software, are 67MB (from PagePlusX9) and 355MB (from Publisher). The 355MB one is too large for my imposition software. These are monstrous files. I hope this is a bug because, if not, I simply won't be able to use Publisher. (Splitting into separate files, one for each signature, doesn't work in Publisher because, when I try this, Publisher loses images from the last page. With PagePlusX9, I could split the file into one for each signature.) Cheers, Robin
  11. I see that the Beta does not have a publishing feature (where one can choose to do imposition). Fortunately, I have an app that will do the imposition from a PDF file and I have used this with PDF files generated by PagePlusX9. But, unfortunately, Publisher does not seem to be able to produce a PDF file with single pages from facing page spreads. For example, if I start on the right with a single page, then have three spreads, and end on a single page (left), I will have eight pages (which will then be printed on two sheets of paper). But the PDFs generated by Publisher would claim that there are five pages, not eight. Hence no imposition software will work on such a PDF file. Does anyone know if there is a way that I can coax Publisher to generate a single page PDF file from a Publisher file that uses facing pages? I do short stories. Without having some way - even using additional software - that I get get imposition done from a Publisher file, it won't work for me, no matter how many fantastic other features it has (and it has many). With thanks, Robin
  12. In the Paragraph panel, if I change to Drop Caps, the font changes to Ariel (no matter what it was originally).
  13. If the last page is on the left of one signature but there is an image that covers the full spread, that is the last page of one signature and the first of the next signature, one will only have half the image on the last page. Publisher loses this half image. (This was handled well in PagePlusX9.) (This is a devastating bug because it means that one simply cannot create the correct pdf file for processing in some imposition application.)
  14. Using the alignment tool to center a text box results in a centering on the spread whether or not one selects page centering or spread centering.
  15. I have been using PagePlusX9. It had most of the features I needed but was too full of bugs for me to continue. I am happy to try Publisher. However, I am having problems getting started. I see that some people have had difficulty seeing bleed lines and some are seeing them I can't see bleed lines. What do I have to do to make them visible? I used backgrounds as assets in PagePlusX9. Publisher does not seem to come with Background assets. Can I import the ones I want from PagePlusX9? If so, how? Page numbering. How can I set the starting page number? I want the first page of my story to be page 1, even though it is the 5th actual page in the book. Obviously, I need imposition. PagePlusX9 was weak here but it did provide imposition of a single signature. This was better than nothing. I can't find imposition in Publisher. Without it, I would need to create a pdf file and then find another application to do the imposition. I tried simple re-arranging the pages in Publisher - but it then renumbered them!! On the good side, so far Publisher is MUCH more stable than PagePlusX9. I got notice, today, of an update to the beta and tried to download it - but nothing happened. Any ideas? Cheers, Robin