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  1. Aha, I see. Thanks anyway Old Bruce
  2. Bear with me if this has been asked, but what is the timeline for the next phase of features on AD, ie the specific dates for example on mesh tool?
  3. PS even just Illustrator plugin support could be fantastic
  4. This is old, but I for one am as passionate as ever about full plugin support for AD.
  5. I think it was pertinent to the original @Gomke comment below, (which as you quite rightly say should be split off), @Gomke said, Then you mentioned the below To which I commented. Anyhoo I think that hopefully clears it up— and yes I suspect @Gomke might create that separate thread, if he hasn't already.
  6. I am somewhat confused, can you by any chance please quote what you were responding to?
  7. I think @Gomke meant to be able to select objects as in choose objects based on a specific property— for example select all objects with outlines of y px, for instance. I could though be wrong.
  8. Thanks Alfred, that's a pity TBH.
  9. Thanks Dan! A very useful answer.
  10. 2 questions really—I am finding the default palettes a little limited. So i. is there somewhere we can download a bunch of color palettes together and ii can they (the palettes) all be imported all in one go? I'm dreading the thought of creating all the palettes I need manually.
  11. Thanks Gabe, tthis is where I managed to delete the palette from and wondered if there was a way to restore the default colour palattes (without reinstall)?
  12. Hi, How can I restore all the colour palletes to the defaults that came with Affinity Draw (Mac), hopefully without having to do a reinstall. Thanks