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  1. I agree with this quite profoundly. I live in hope.
  2. Thanks, this is actually helpful too.I really hope they expedite the inclusion of some of these features.
  3. Yes and no). Though I wouldn't entirely disagree, to my understanding we were talking about features and not fixes per se, (which as you correctly pointed out would usually belong to the change log). My point was about there simply not being one place showing all features past and future together.
  4. Thanks R C-R, can appreciate that you have sought this out and posted it. I managed to find these, https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/55940-affinity-designer-for-macos-161/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/55941-affinity-photo-for-macos-167/ I guess I'll leave the point now, I may be the only one that (still) feels that way about the pros of a contiguous collection.
  5. Thank you TonyB, as in the above therein lies the confusion, at least in part. There exists no comprehensive listing, in the true roadmap sense of the word, where one can see past and future enhancements. Maybe it's me, but IMO this could be helpful.
  6. I have to agree the roadmap list is akin to a plate of spaghetti todos and I have yet to fully grasp which are completed, coming or otherwise.
  7. Good point. What's Sketch like for vector work, logos and illustrations? To reiterate, though I value Affinity's entrance into the market, I think they're missing a trick here by not having it earlier. Noted though it is slated for inclusion.
  8. I very much would appreciate some kind of plugin support for third parties to help push forward this software. Something similar to Inkscape Currently the pace means that designer is often lagging behind in multiple features. It would be a massive plus for me and others I feel. Thanks
  9. Please implement distribute objects along a path It's a potentially very useful feature to many.
  10. Thanks, but I've seen this but wasn't sure where the current roadmap is? As the first post is from 2014
  11. How MEB Thanks for the reply. Pity. Can you tell me what the next updates hold? And if this feature is scheduled?
  12. Thanks, but not what I meant. What if you have 3 different objects say that you want to distribute along a shape or path. So that the different objects follow the path, like the text follow path feature. How is that done?
  13. Was this ever added? I am looking for distributing around a circle in particular.