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  1. This feature could be so useful, but sadly TBH I wouldn't hold my breath. Serif and the AD team haven't given any clues that I am aware of regarding this feature's completion.
  2. Thank you for some extra detail on this MEB, I am encouraged that the intent is there. Admittedly though pragmatism and my experience here in these forums has taught me as there is no fixed date this may never happen. Fingers crossed.
  3. It is somewhat. As many devs, dare I say the majority, still require PSDs with text as editable text at handover,. But from one of the explanations here, it sounds like it may never ever be fixed.
  4. jamesholden

    How to export to HTML

    I really have to add to this, with AD/AP not being able to export 'proper' PSDs, (i.e. with fonts included), means there are even fewer ways to get development ready assets to developers. (Who are really used to having PSDs with fonts included and not rasterised).
  5. Many would agree. Honestly though, I'm fascinated at the hope shown in the posts here, and over such an extended period of time. It's clear that despite the many protestations, Serif and the AD team will not or cannot expedite this request. Seriously, as a AD fanboy I have arrived at the position of having to work with what I have in it whilst contemplating the unfathomable—Adobe CC. In part I kinda feel for you guys who need this functionality, TBH I do not depend on it, but there are several other features that I am hoping deeply AD will deliver, yesterday.
  6. The new multiple strokes and fills in the appearance panel is a nice touch, but unless I am missing something, it is somewhat limited in that you cannot save the multiple fills you spen time creating, not even as styles or copy > paste the multi-stroke setup you have created?
  7. I haven't seen any I'm currently having to open image > double clicking > select all > cmd/ctrl X (cut) > closing embedded doc > pasting from clipboard Voila, albeit an extended process but I get my file without it being embedded in the end.
  8. Please see the attached. Create your pen tool path Then click the SELECTION button at top. Path will convert to selection.
  9. Our messages seemed to have crossed each other before I saw this. TBH I am not sure if it is a problem as much as it is an expectation, but yes it could potentially be a problem for AD, if what you said is so, they will have to find a way to reverse engineer it. Notwithstanding it being a weekend, I would very much like to hear from someone at Serif at some point, about whether this is likely/pencilled to happen or not. I really like AD but this might be the last straw.
  10. As mentioend, (and he is not alone), it's such an established convention— so even though he may be able to, working from PSDs could potentially aid so many of us working in design for HTML.
  11. Just had the developer come back raising about why the PSDs don't contain font information, I'm afraid to ask but is there anything firm on when this will be resolved? It's frankly a little embarassing to have to break dev's regular workflow because AD rasterizes it's fonts in the PSDs it creates.
  12. Could you kindly elaborate on your answer? Did you mean you found a workaround to make the PSD text actually editable?