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  1. Welcome Rocco, yes a strong case could be made for the implementation of niche requests like these. In part a strong challenge to Illustrator could be good for us all, but to be frank, as stated elsewhere, Serif have a firm roadmap in place and though extensions (plug-ins) generally were slated to be actioned they may not appear any time soon in AD— think 2020 with betas possibly Q4 2019 — and I should know, I too wanted this passionately. N.B. Add to this that your particular plug-in is not listed at all, and so honestly their are no guarantees as to when it might appear, barring some 3rd party providing it it's down to Serif.
  2. Nope, this apparently is it. Several may indeed agree, but sadly there is not anything more sophisticated elsewhere.
  3. PS I am not familiar with Serif's style of roadmaps, but hopefully this is what you meant
  4. I cannot answer on the ease of integration but as stated Serif have a roadmap, and appear to be quite dogged about it's implementation. It's likely therefore that the implementation of this and/or other highly requested features are dependent only on their place in Serif's vision for Designer, as opposed to the feature's relative complexity and even level of demand (as this thread may highlight).
  5. I think we may need to face up to the realisation this, and some other, highly requested features may not appear in any 2019 release much less in 1.8— it's a request dating back ~5 years and still has no fixed ETA, so best go with your plan B on this one. Seeing the posts here makes me feel that many may be holding out in hope above reason, as it's apparent Serif, as is their right, clearly have different priorities or focus. That being said, still rooting for AD, IMO Illustrator needs an equal in the marketplace.
  6. Oh my. R C-R no one, more specifically myself, ever said it was everyone! I used the term us, the Oxford definition extract below should give some context us + us and them (or them and us) Used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself and one or more other people as the object of a verb or preposition. Expressing a sense of division within a group of people. 'Us', is simply a group here on the forums who are calling certain features necessary, I used this R C-R and never said all as below. Please see the comments from those who cannot leave entirely until feature x, y or z is in place if you haven't already. For them it certainly is 'either-or'. Finally I have taken considerable time to explain myself again and again or counter your posts etc. Further I am in agreement with @Iulian Onofrei at least in part about direction of some of this thread and will politely decline to engage on this any more. As requested before R C-R can we please just agree to differ.
  7. I disagree with this, the dialogue that I refer to (which wasn't just this thread but broadly requests made) are not only about which is pro or not. But as I raised before it is also what is needed for us to say goodbye to leave the established packages such as Adobe. Whcih in turn ties in with the noise about wish-list ETAs vs the Serif roadmap prioritization. Again agree there is dissension, though respectfully this may have missed the spirit of my original post? Good point for us to break and agree to differ I think.
  8. Agreed R C-R that some companies do this but you may have missed the spirit of my post. The requests for new features aren't expecting rushed or unstable software— but for an expediting of certain features. No one is asking for bloat either, but there are for many professionals, and this is almost without dispute, certain features that mark out a production ready piece of software from one that is well, simply not.
  9. I am beginning to suspect these 'where is feature x' threads are not going to have the impact we all hoped for. The Affinity team seem to be moving at their own pace and no quicker, despite our prompts. I for one was so eager for a few features like this, but am now considering the unthinkable, an Adobe subscription.
  10. Plug-ins are a biggie for me as stated before, they have raised it may/will come in some form, but haven't given any firm dates and it's very possible a stable version may only be 2020
  11. It's too long to read all but I concur with parts of JGD's comment. I am a fan of Designer, routing for it but sorely wish you would expedite the delivery of some features. If needs be, and I can't believe I'm saying this, increase prices a bit, but please can you remedy the situation of pros feeling so torn between wanting to leave Adobe and having so many concerns. Thanks for the work.
  12. Thanks Gear Maker.
  13. jamesholden

    Control handles

    I think I can possibly can. As raised elsewhere, when trying to draw line + curved shapes and needing price curve shapes being able to determine exactly how much the cotrol points are extend or moved could help no end in. Surprising how much I need this.