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  1. This is fantastic Leigh, thanks to you both for the heads up! ps may I ask then is it something about the versions used that makes it recoverable only in 1.8 beta?
  2. :( Must say though thanks Leigh for you and the team trying, it may have been and no backup of it.
  3. Thanks Dan, 1.7.3 downloaded and installed, 1.8 next! Really look forard to hearing back from them.
  4. Done, many thanks. ) ( For some reason I never received any notifications about the updates, so hadn't known about this. A bummer TBH.
  5. Hi Dan, I am not sure what caused it, it is stored on a USB drive, and had been created in the beta version Thanks!
  6. Can somneone kindly help a guy out and show me how to recover a file that Affinity Designer is saying is 'corrupted' when trying to open. The autosaves seem to have been wiped over (happens each time you open, wish it didn't though). Thanks in advance.
  7. I too wonder if they'd just charge more (frequently), wouldn't they then, by increasing resources, be able deliver more (frequently).
  8. I am not sure if this is rhetorical, or not. But if not, my stab at it is that firstly your money won't move the AD team so much. Years of requests may have proven that. Secondly as stated by @fde101 some companies already have this in place, I suspect with varying degrees of features and complexity, but there nonetheless.
  9. Agreed. Though the reality is, will we ever see 'better' and if so when. I was a bit of an AD fanboy, but the feature timescales are unbearable, for some.
  10. I guess as long as the scripting opens up everything to 3rd parties, just as APIs have under-the-hood access, maybe that might work also. I may be wrong but my understanding was they are different types of access. Eitherway it's clear at this current pace, many users may only ever see their key features implemented after extended periods, if at all.
  11. Thnx, anyone care to recommend something for simple animtations (texts/images)?
  12. TBH I am quite sure I rememeber an official saying something a while back about it being slted for consideration but I haven't yet found the post and I don't remember the dates they mentioned, so in part why I am asking. Thanks though, anyone from AD?
  13. Are there any further updates on this, 3rd party access to build plugins? It could revolutionize AD IMO
  14. Is there any way at all to create even simple animations with AD?
  15. I had to agree with some of this. I am wondering if the multi platform model is diluting the strength of each product. Such fracterising may be having an impact on features like this. Which as you hinted at, could possibly be solved if they would simply open the app up via APIs so we could have everything as a plugin.
  16. @fde101 Thanks, I had threatened to check out CorelDraw previously, seems like I should.
  17. It would be great to have a non subscription feature rich alternative to cover the multiple feature shortfalls of AD, but because of its woeful UI and poor performance on Mac I doubt Inkscape is it, for me right now.
  18. @B4ttleCat I thought the Sketch licence was perpetual but you paid for upgrades?
  19. This ^ Much appreciated for the heads up, makes you wonder why Serif cannot do it, yet at least.
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