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  1. @Diogo Junior may I be the first to say a big thanks for this, found it quite both clear and helpful.
  2. Not sure this entirely makes sense. I +1 to @MikeW comment because of the points he made, they were not written for the one you decided to add just now. I hope the reason why is clear from his quote, in that I simply agree with him. Go pick a fight somewhere else, these are challenging times for many, we all have better things to do.
  3. OK thanks. Guessing some here might just be salivating at the thought of that feature set appearing in AD's menu system.
  4. Indeed. And I never said it was small— what I inferring was that the pressing needs of many will differ, almost finitely. To repeat, I and possibly others would trade dxf/dwg inport in a heartbeat for fully featured 3rd preset/addons and scipting in AD. I suspect for others this is heresy.
  5. Here is a thought, dwg/dxf import is of little importance to me, but the inclusion of 3rd party presets, scripts and add-ons meant everything. As I have supposed before, the only development priorities the AD team may be following are their own. This may well be the most intelligent option considering so many of us need entirely different things all from the same product.
  6. Does this mean you moved on and found this feature in VectorStyler? [re Select same color / fill / stroke / appearance]
  7. I have to echo this sentiment. This is not even a key feature for me, extensions and plugins are, but I am subscribed and considering the interest here along with the time elapsed this might be seen as a litmus test for AD's growth and development generally.
  8. I think we're essentially saying the same things, so agreed. I might add that additional support for Illustrator plugins would open up AD's creative potential considerably. As a side note I will never forgive you Serif + Affinity for introducing that dreadful reCAPTCHA here . It's a running joke that no matter the logic you use to select images, you're better off choosing them randomly. Anyhoo back on topic..
  9. This is fantastic Leigh, thanks to you both for the heads up! ps may I ask then is it something about the versions used that makes it recoverable only in 1.8 beta?
  10. :( Must say though thanks Leigh for you and the team trying, it may have been and no backup of it.
  11. Thanks Dan, 1.7.3 downloaded and installed, 1.8 next! Really look forard to hearing back from them.
  12. Done, many thanks. ) ( For some reason I never received any notifications about the updates, so hadn't known about this. A bummer TBH.
  13. Hi Dan, I am not sure what caused it, it is stored on a USB drive, and had been created in the beta version Thanks!
  14. Can somneone kindly help a guy out and show me how to recover a file that Affinity Designer is saying is 'corrupted' when trying to open. The autosaves seem to have been wiped over (happens each time you open, wish it didn't though). Thanks in advance.
  15. I too wonder if they'd just charge more (frequently), wouldn't they then, by increasing resources, be able deliver more (frequently).
  16. I am not sure if this is rhetorical, or not. But if not, my stab at it is that firstly your money won't move the AD team so much. Years of requests may have proven that. Secondly as stated by @fde101 some companies already have this in place, I suspect with varying degrees of features and complexity, but there nonetheless.
  17. Agreed. Though the reality is, will we ever see 'better' and if so when. I was a bit of an AD fanboy, but the feature timescales are unbearable, for some.
  18. I guess as long as the scripting opens up everything to 3rd parties, just as APIs have under-the-hood access, maybe that might work also. I may be wrong but my understanding was they are different types of access. Eitherway it's clear at this current pace, many users may only ever see their key features implemented after extended periods, if at all.
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