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  1. Affinity Photo Live Filters are fairly handy for some non-destructive effects on a replaceable image layer. I would still like to be able to use the render output from a 3rd party plugin as a non-destructive effect though. I can't really think of a way to achieve this in Affinity products. fractals, edges, lightning, brick textures etc which all apply to the Alpha layer and remain editable.
  2. What is wsRGB and wscRGB colour profiles? and also why do they have an asterisk? does asterisk here mean requires restart or that they are the optimal choice?
  3. I also dislike the new icons compared to the old ones. Prefer the 1.6 ones. Dislike the square flat dull look. The 1.6 ones are better contrast, interesting.
  4. I think that supporting Photoshop plugins, the old .8bf style ones as non-destructive Live FX would be great. Internally it would convert the object to bitmap and apply the plugin then keep a cache of the result to show for the object. Then changing the settings of the applied filters is allowed. Same way that Fireworks handles .8bf plugins non-destructively on vector objects. I use lots of the KPT and Alienware plugins on vector shapes in Fireworks mixed with dropshadows and glows and transparent texture fills etc is really cool.
  5. Affinity Designer Using Erase layer with Layer FX doesn't work when the layer is inside an Artboard layer. Works okay outside the artboard layer, see attached file. Working layers are on the right, left layers are the same but inside an Artboard layer. bad erase.afdesign
  6. Is it possible to unlock all objects yet? I can't find much on the net about it. I have 16 artboards and a locked object in each, toggling is not easy
  7. No reason, I just didn't notice I'd set it to that for some drawing tests. Thanks
  8. I can't export any PDF. Affinity Designer Windows 7 64 bit Uploaded file to dropbox as terrox_pdf_export_error.afdesign Settings are PDF: Print terrox_pdf_export_error.afdesign
  9. I also have this problem. Affinity Designer Uploaded file to dropbox as terrox_pdf_export_error.afdesign
  10. I was thinking it might be something to do with Aero / Windows UI.
  11. This should show it better. It is mainly the Clip to Canvas setting causing the problem, 1 pixel border is clipped or turns black. cliptocanvas1pixelmissing.afdesign
  12. Maybe I'm doing something wrong here. See screenshot, should be a white line down the right. Export png looks correct. 48x48test.afdesign
  13. For some reason I thought Affinity Designer allowed Plugins but it doesn't. I would like to replace my Fireworks obsession with Affinity Designer. The things I value most in Fireworks are - vectors, as separate objects, can be grouped. (tick) - objects can have effects applied and be editable as vectors (tick) - effects can be extended using plugins, even photoshop plugins, allowing for editable vectors to display with torn paper effect and change the torn paper settings as needed. (fail, no plugins, no plugins as layer effects) Affinity Photo also does not extend the layer/live effects by allowing 3rd party photoshop filters as far as I can tell either. I can't even get it to use any plugins from Photoshop 5.5, 8 or CC 2015 but that might be my own bug.
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