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  1. Your right, and I apologize for getting carried away a bit. It's just that running a publishing company we need to keep our costs down to .07 to .10 cents per page to create an eBook to remain competitive. When looking at the quality of Design and Photo we were expecting a lot more than what we got. So now were back to using what passes for Desktop Publishing but quite frankly is antiquated technology, that requires us to do a lot of custom modifications to create quality output.
  2. Agreed ePub is not a minor market. If anything the printed matter industry is what is crashing compared to the enterprise video industry growth, especially in marketing. Video is expected to grow from a US$16B market to US$40B by 2022. Electronic publishing is taking over and that includes book publishing and without an ePub export option we can not see any reason to use this product or recommend it to any of our clients.
  3. If you look at the competing mac products Affinity needs to step it up. iStudio Publisher exports to epub, even Apple Pages exports to epub3. Running a publishing company we take epub3 and the Daisy Consortium standards seriously, as we believe that everyone should have accessibility to books.
  4. I can not believe there was no export capability to produce an Epub2 file, let alone an eub3 file that meets the Daisy Consortium standards.
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