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  1. Hi, I’m Israel from Hola monstruo editorial. We work with físical format and digital for our books. We need export to ePub in Affinity Publisher is essential google books and Apple Books for our editorial. Soon please.
  2. Since the last update. I can't draw in real time. Neither draw nor delete. I use the Apple pencil, but the delay is considerable. That's when he wants to draw or delete and not hang the program. We need an update soon, it's our working tool. All the time you see in the video that's happening is, we re using the Apple pencil on the screen, with brush or eraser. And then when he paints it makes him suddenly. rpreplay_final1559843880.mp4
  3. 2isone


    Exporting to Dropbox and reinstalling affinity I save the problem. But is a great bug of affinity, don’t save the history. Fix it, please.
  4. 2isone


    The file is save in affinity. I close the App and find the file in app files in iPad, but I can not find it. I want save a copy to reinstall affinity. Please help.
  5. 2isone


    Hello affinity is closing repeatedly with a project in which I have been working for a few weeks. I have it saved on the iPad and every time I open it I start drawing and it closes. It is an iPad Pro with iOS 11.3 and the affinity version is The file has many layers and weighs about 300Mb, but that should not give problems. I need help urgently. Thank you.

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