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  1. I uploaded pictures from my whole stuff : Nikon D700 body Samyang 14mm f/2.8 IF ED UMC Aspherical AF-S Micro Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G ED VR Ai-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 DG APO EX Macro HSM II Everything opened @ f/.28 f/8 and f/16 and various focal lenghtes for zoom.
  2. Hi guys Very good job for this version and all improvements. I have a doubt about the photoshop plugins improvements. What kind of improvement is it ? Cause my workflow uses ProPhoto RGB color profile and if I can't use one of the Nik collection plugin without converting in sRGB first. You still don't send color profile information to plugins resulting a desaturation in Nik plugins if I don't manually convert my files before. Considering this, working in a wide gamut doesn't make sense and it's a really bad point for such a promising software. I know you're aware of this problem and I assume it's easy to fix so please guys make a step forward to perfection
  3. Hi. is a beta version so you won't have notification. It only happens for release versions
  4. Hi dev team Is it possible to add a field to set a weight limit on export ? I want my jpeg to weight 500kb max so it would be great to set it up and the export modul to deal with the quality to reach that limit.
  5. Great new this Beta with a real list of improvements. I wish the color bug between Nik collection and AP had been fiwed
  6. Hi guys Do you plan to add HEIF format to export persona ?
  7. It's great to read that. Thank you MEB
  8. Hi Hokusai I noticed the Show All command, but as there isn't a Hide all command, i'll keep the opacity method for the moment. I hope devs will implement a short cut on a futur release
  9. Hi devs. Is it possible to improve the way AP memorizes the folders we use. Curently every action that involve a folder selection (open an image, create a new stack, export and so on) open the last folder used. But I have my image bank in a folder and export my jpeg in an other. It could be realy cool AP memorizes the last folder used for the same action, independently of other actions. thank you
  10. Right, I did'nt think about that. Something to be careful.
  11. JiPé, je suis français aussi. Si tu as besoin, je peux essayer de répondre à tes questions en MP. Personnellement je découvre aussi ce logiciel mais j'en suis très satisfait.
  12. Thank you for this tip It's not exactly the shortcut I wanted but yours works fine.
  13. Hi I'm looking for a shortcut to show / hide a layer. Untill now, if I want to see the adjustment I've done, I use to check/uncheck the layer. But I also often missclick. So as it's difficult to keep an eye on the checkbox and the other on my image, I think a shortcut could be usefull. If it already exists, can someoine tell me where I can find it ?
  14. Hi all I bought AP after tried the trial version. I like your soft it's pretty cool for a so young one. But I think you may improve the installation of the "official" version the the trial is already on th computer. I mean I customed hotkeys and workspaces and I need to redo everything in the new version. When I look on my HD I see 2 folders. One for the trial, one for the official. Is it possible to overwrite the trial when installing to keep just 1 folder and all customs ?