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  1. That's exactly what i told myself today. I'll try to downgrade the driver in the next days.
  2. It seems i found the problem. It come from the GC driver. I set the GPU workload on graphic instead of compute and no more crashes.
  3. Hi Same problem here with the lastest radeon driver (20.12.1) for the RX 570. It causes crashes with Nik Collection apps. Setting the renderer to Warp solved it.
  4. oops sorry @Vasto7 I read to fast. I'm confused.
  5. I have 16Gb Ram and an I5-6400 CPU running on Win 10.
  6. Thanx Chris B. Taking the filter out of the group is the solution.
  7. Hi Vasto I have exactly the same CG as you, with 20.4.2 driver and 1.9 beta with hardware acceleration is really faster than 1.8. It's night and day for me.
  8. Hi everyone. I don't know if someone have notice this issue but High Pass filter doesn't display properly in Blend mode doesn't seem to be the problem, I tryed all blend mode without change.
  9. It seems to be only a display problem in Sharpener Pro (and Define I assume). When the job is done in Sharpener and you go back in AP colors are fine.
  10. My only wish is to set a weight limit in export persona. I want to set dimensions and weight for my destination file and AP to automaticly calculate the compression ratio.
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