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  1. I work a lot with Japanese texts and this would be my request feature number 1. When you are writing in horizontal, you can change your selected text to vertical orientation. (When I tried , that bar didn't flip from horizontal to vertical.) Like this example: (カレー). (This is wrong writing) x (This is acceptable) カ カ レ レ x ー > | That also works inside Text Editor for mac, when you go to Layout Orientation > Vertical. My other suggestion is to add something like World and iPages that is called > Phonetic Guide Text. (It's used for both Japanese and Chinese called Furigana or Ruby) Japanese Indesign has all these features for writing in Japanese too. Arigatou!
  2. 1 - On very previous affinity designer I had a logo file saved before convert it to curves. And I lost all configuration inside of it because the new version auto converted to curves.(I should have just typed) 2 - I have saved a file with numbers align on center on previous affinity designer. Now, I already checked with previous affinity this problem and I have sure about this issue since of the new version. (Please See the Image) It is very frustration because I have to redesign everything again and again. Second time now to be Compatible with this new version. Can I someday Reconvert Curves to Text Box? Thanks
  3. Nice!!!! It will have Phonetic Guide texts / Ruby (Furigana) for Japanese Texts?
  4. Hello, How can I add Furigana in Japanese Kanji? Furigana or Ruby are text above japanese text to easily read kanji. This is and option that we have in Microsoft Word, Indesign, Illustrator or Simple Furigana for Mac... I also tried to COPY an text from Word and PASTE on Affinity but all words were wrong. > I could only insert with a little success from this site: http://furigana.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/index.cgi That is a Furigana Generator with HTML > Also tried to change language to japanese but couldn't find it too. >
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