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  1. Sorry had to comment also when I saw this thread.. I've had the same problem with Designer all these years when ordering my Artboards for final export. It's really confusing and I agree that the visual order is "reversed". People expect top to bottom export in pages/artboards. Here's a very simple example screenshot from Publisher... I think that says its all... My workflow in Designer is 1. Creating Artboards as needed 2. Rearranging them in the work area like I want them and make sense visually. (Usually Left to Right order and rows of Artboards arranged Top to Bottom) 3. Then the final (dreaded) step when I'm ready to share the document with a client. Going to the Layers panel, take a while to think how Designer thinks the export order should be , and reorder the artboards there in "reverse" order. Which I usually get it wrong like half of the time and have to do it again... I'm pretty sure this could be improved some way. Many good suggestions in this thread that the Developers could try to implement. I don't remember having this problem (for something so simple) when using Adobe Illustrator.... fjv
  2. Playing with Blender 3D to create this mockup for a fictional brand of potato chips. Textures done with Affinity Photo and Designer Here's also a Turntable animation. https://www.instagram.com/p/CniJqVVhImy/
  3. Hello: Now that I'm starting to use v2 of the Suite for my day to day I'm getting to notice these issues. In general the change of Interface is positive; it looks like a new coat of paint. The new tools icons are probably a user per user preference (but I remember going through this many years back when Cinema 4D changed their whole iconography), it took a couple of weeks to get used to this but then I liked it. Having said this there are some issues which could be improved: 1) This has been mentioned before , but the new Stroke control icons are a step back. (I'm attaching a screenshot) The icons are borderline blurry and they are hard to read (compared to v1). I have to squint and take a couple of seconds to read them and see which one is which.. the ones with the blue dots were easier to interpret at a glance. 2) The Portrait and Landscape icons are definitely blurry in my screen. (iMac 21.5 Inch) Non retina. And they are kind of buried in the new document window (attaching a screenshot) 3) The dot replacing the turn on/ off layers is a little bit small and hard to hit... Not saying we return to the checkbox but I think it could be made a few pixels bigger so it's easier to turn on and off. In general I see you went with smaller fonts and toggles/arrows in the new interface but I'm agreeing with other users that it could be polished a little bit and make it a few pixels bigger so the elements are not hard to click upon. 4) And lastly, I guess I was one of the people that wanted the Preview image integrated into the Export window... but as you implemented it (and using it now) I would also suggest to have the preview as optional. Turn it off or on with a checkbox or have it inside a collapsable panel. Hope these suggestions help and thanks for the hard work. fjv
  4. Hello: I'm starting to use now Photo v2 for my day to day work (web graphics) and I'm experiencing multiple crashes (2- 4 times) for very simple workflows. I work on files less than 2,000 pixels size and do some Copy and Paste, clone/ impaint retouch and add some Text (Frame). I then add maybe a Levels Adjustment Layer and finally Group some layers to stay organized. Pretty much that's what I do in Photo. v1 was very stable but now I'm getting these crashes with the new version. I'm working in a Late 2015, 21.5-inch iMac . 2.8 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 with 8 GB of Ram Graphics: Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200 1536 MB MacOS Monterrey v 12.6.1 Hope this helps, fjv
  5. I noticed that when I export a PDF document in Designer (It's probably the same for all there apps) the Preview window is showing me a transparent background. Even though I DON'T have the Transparent background check in my document setup preferences. This makes a text heavy document hard to read as I see the checkered background instead of a white background. I tried using JPG as the export option and I see it correctly there . A white background in the preview Could you please check this? Thanks, fjv
  6. I would be happy with JUST this one simple change in Photo.... 🙂 But overall happy with V2 of the Affinity Suite (Specially Designer). Keep up the good work!
  7. Great style in the last example " Gleiche Rechte" 👍 Really liked that piece, very original.
  8. 1) Separate Mode in MacOS was always a little "wonky" but it worked... For some reason they didn't want to mess with it in all these years. New windows were opening behind the floating tools, windows not resizing to the new images zoom size... and such.. So in V2 I guess the "easy" solution was to just kill it... Hopefully they'll reconsider, improve their floating windows in MacOS and bring it back... Actually this was the first thing I wanted to test with the 30 day demo... 🙂 I would never have expected they would make the decision to remove it... Not a real dealbreaker for me .. as I tested it and its workable... And Photo is the only app I use in Separate Mode, but I see other people will not be as forgiving in their workflow. 2) By the way, I agree... Whoever in Serif came up with the concept/pricing for the "Universal License" is a GENIUS and deserves a raise... ja Really makes buying it an impulse buy... haven't seen a deal like this before.
  9. Thanks Walt. • Working on Mac OS Monterrey 12.6 in an iMac 2.15 inch - Late 2015 if that helps. • The separate mode thing is workable and I guess not a deal breaker (for me).. I only use it in Affinity Photo, thankfully (Two monitor workflow). But I see a lot of people are noticing... (seeing other threads about this popping up in the forum) • Dragging the new images to my other monitor works but strange about the window size issue...
  10. Hello Walt, thanks Just testing this to see if it's a workable workflow. I see that I CAN drag separate pictures to my other monitor but I found a bug... The pictures' window size (in Mac Os) can't be resized vertically or Horizontally past an arbitrary size... not sure if this a limitation or a bug.... To clarify... I CAN extend/drag the window size and make them very big but I CAN NOT make them smaller past a certain size...
  11. Is this temporary...? Can somebody form Serif please confirm this...? Will separate mode not longer be an option for the Affinity apps... or will it be added on a future update..? Thanks, fjv
  12. Hello: Just downloaded the demo and the first thing I wanted to set up was "Separate Mode" in affinity Photo as I have two monitors... This option was under "Windows" in v1 but it looks like it not available in v2... The apps look great and I really liked the new tools they added in Affinity Designer. Was about to purchase the whole suite (even if I don't need it) but I'll wait a little while and see if they add this option again or explain where it moved.
  13. Starting to use Affinity Designer to make vector art for Figma. Glad I found this post. Hopefully v2 of the suite would have an improved workflow for Copy and Paste. It kind of works but it's a hassle to resize the 1x1 pixel artboard that is pasted into Figma every time I bringing an asset from Designer.
  14. mmh. thanks for the suggestion. Mark will have to test on the Beta Version.. but nor sure if this is it... maybe I'm missing another setting to check or have my RGB working profiles wrong
  15. Thanks Lagarto Mmh I changed my color settings in Affinity but still NOT working as expected (here are some screenshots) If I take a screenshot and open it in QuickLook or Preview the colors look exactly the same But if I open it in Affinity Photo they are still off. Even assigning the sRGB color profile... They look more pale. Any ideas what other setting I should do...? I remember I had this workflow working correctly before: Taking a screenshot and opening it in Photo and take/sample the Hex color from there. I do Web Work and the RGB / Hex color needs to be accurate... With the Mac OS change or a Photo update something got misconfigured....
  16. Hello Hope somebody has a suggestion for this: I noticed this behavior recently( I don't think this was before). Probably (but not sure) when I changed permission for Affinity Photo to record my desktop... Here's the thing. I take screenshots of my desktop frequently and then open them in Affinity photo to check some colors. Now I notice the colors are off and I noticed that Affinity Photo is assigning the "Display" color profile I want Photo to assign the "sRGB" color profile to all the screenshots by default when I open them. I think I had it this way before.. It's a hassle to change the color profile manually to every screenshot I take. Is there a setting for this and assign the specified color profile (sRGB) to all the images I open in Affinity Photo? I'm in MacOS by the way. Thanks in advance.
  17. Ja.. VERY GOOD point. I turned it off and it looks like this fixes my particular problem... P.D. Thanks for the quick reply by the way 😃
  18. thanks for the suggestions all ... I'm investigating but What I'm doing is very simple. I'm making some images/banners for web that have a fixed size. (pixels) 1) I copy and paste different pictures into my file ( which has the final size I want) 2) I move and scale the images as needed... using the image's bounding box controls. very quick workflow But at the end when I finish positioning my images I have to double check there are no decimals in the final images positions. It's hit or miss. Some images end with decimals, others don't . (Most do) If I jiggle the images around quickly and I can remove the decimal point in the position. But If I resize the images and position them again I have to double check that decimals don't get reintroduced in the new position. Not sure if the problem is that the width and height values have also decimals... That's why I was wondering if I can resize them by full pixels. I want to use the handles that are there for the resizing and not need to type numbers to move and resize objects... Strange I don't remember having to worry about this before with this workflow... but since its web work (not print) the little decimals can make the images slightly blurry since they are not pixel aligned... Note: The snap to spread midpoint setting is pretty useful.. not sure if I want to turn this off...
  19. Hello Alfred I do have Force pixel alignment on and move my whole pixels off It looks like it is working but as soon as I resize an image using the handles and adjust the image position slightly I still get decimals , Maybe a bug? I'm attaching an image of my settings.
  20. Hello Hope somebody can help with something that is driving me crazy in Photo.... Probably just a setting I need to check but not sure of the right combination I want to work in my images by whole pixels, NEVER decimals. I copy and past an image and it shows (for example) in the Transform panel X position 104.5. and Y position 123.3 !!! Ok.. so I check the "Force pixel alignment" and it looks like I fix the issue but as soon as I resize the image and reposition it a little bit using the handles I get decimals again!!! what gives? I want to move and resize my images by whole pixels .. always, to avoid blurry images Any idea of the settings I need to check so I can always work this way...?
  21. New update I see now that for some reason my brush tool got set to Overlay instead of Normal... I changed it and now I can paint normally in the mask. Sorry for the thread - Please disregard. fjv
  22. Update. Just tried using the Pixel Tool to paint in the mask. (Which I've never used before) and this one works. So in short, the Paint Brush tool doesn't work at all in the Mask but the Pixel Tool does... Tried it in a whole lot of images and I can replicate it every single time. Thanks
  23. Hello In 2 minutes of using 1.9 I found a Big problem. in the new Affinity Photo I can't paint in an Adjustment Layer Mask. The brushes just won't do anything. Not sure if the workflow changed now with 1.9, I'm creating a new adjustment layer , and then I create a new Mask layer for it. I try to paint on it to select which areas are affected by it but I just can't paint anything.. Anybody else sees this problem? P.D. Mac OS Big Sur 11.2
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