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  1. Affinity just following up on this thread. please take a read. Like I mentioned before last year (and I stick by it) if you don't add any more functionalities to Affinity Photo and just improve the UX from this thread I would be more than happy. After one year (or more) of not having to launch Photoshop these are the small details and polish that I miss. Which makes Affinity less productive for Design and Production work. Again I'm taking about having different images open in Separate mode. Having to move the windows manually under the tools/palettes, resizing and zooming on windows... etc. I'm sure there are many of us that like working on Separate Mode. Thanks
  2. Hello. Also curious about the Contour Tool. Could Serif please elaborate on what this tools does; maybe a quick video/animated GIF? Is this their naming for the Path Offset Tool in Illustrator? Thanks all
  3. Thanks for the new functionalities.But please don't forget sticky settings .. There are still some tools that don't remember the last one used. One example is the Selection tools; specifically the FreeHand Selection Tool. It always defaults to the first one (Not sure of its name ) The one with the ziggy zaggy lines. The ONLY one I use is the second one. The one with the closed shape and lets you do only straight lines. Affinity Photo NEVER remembers that I want to use that one. This week I had to retouch 100 pictures and in every new one I opened I had to select the second sub tool manually. And while we are in this subject I find it strange that when I want to add to a selection I have to press the "control" key modifier. I would think that the "shift" key is the standard to add.
  4. Hello. Just wondering if there's any news on upcoming betas. Mainly to fix the several issues that are now buging the App while working in Separate Mode. Thanks
  5. Hello, any news on this ...? will there be a new Beta or Patch soon to fix the text and window issues?
  6. Hello. thanks for the response I don't have them... • I downloaded them from different sites. One was a SVG from flaticon.com. I download icons from there almost everyday. • Another was a png or jpg image I downloaded for reference from a WordPress website I built .. (saved from Affinity) When I opened them they appeared upside down in Affinity Photo... If I left them upside down and exported they looked ok... But if I rotated them 180 degrees in Affinity Photo and exported them they exported upside down.. For some reason Affinity Photo was opening them with a 180 degree rotation in the viewport. This has happened on these couple of files in these past weeks (never had this problem before) . The first one, the SVG I dismissed as a fluke but when a couple of days it happened to a jpg image I thought it may be a bug. If nobody is having this problem (which doesn't happen often) it may be on my end. Thanks, fjv
  7. Hello Using the latest version of Affinity Photo. and this is the first time this has happened to me. I open some images and they are upside down. In these last couple of days I've had it happen several times. Resetting the rotation fixes the issue, but not sure if this is a bug or why is it happening now. Thanks
  8. Hello. I've noticed some strange behavior using the latest 2 o 3 versions of Affinity Photo. 1.8 in Mac I couldn't place exactly the problem , but I've noticed this. • Scrolling through the font list when I have a text object selected is not working properly (like it used to) I begin scrolling through the font list and the list closes. I have a hard time selecting the font I want. This definitely was .not happening before. Either manually or scrolling with my mouse.... If I type the font it will work. But scrolling the font list is kind of broken... • Also sometimes I notice that I'm working on an image in Photo (in separate mode) and I suddenly find myself in the background application that I'm also running. • Also starting typing in a text object in an active Photo file will send the file to the back and bring me another Photo and make that one active (again in separate mode) . I have to close all the opened Photo files and just have the file I want to modify to continue working . In other words I can't have more than one Photo file open and work properly.. (Which I could before) Something is off.. and making Photo not working properly. maybe investigate Separate mode.. Note: Restarting Photo seems to fix the font list text issue temporarily but I've "felt" this problem arise in these couple of days .... strange. Anyone else seen this? Thanks
  9. Another great example of the Shape Builder Tools used for logo creation + a couple of useful tools (to keep in mind for future versions). 😀
  10. Hello. I understand that there is a certain amount of features we will get from the Affinity 1 versions. But add these two functions to version 2 of Designer and it would be an instant buy for me. In my opinion Affinity is a great tool for Illustrators, but I think it's time to focus more on "Designers" tools: Logo, Branding, Icon creation. BIG Market there. The improved "convert to paths" tool is a step in the right direction. thanks
  11. Hello. I know these two functions have been asked before and some people question them ( specially the Shape Builder Tool) but I found a quick video that shows them working together. I think these are the only two things I'm missing from Illustrator . These two tools are pretty much essential for Logo and Brand Designers (which I'm sure are a big market ) Hope they are added to the road map soon , now that you are working on the improved convert to path function. Thanks
  12. I've also noticed this behavior ( the blurriness) when working with computer screenshots... I'll try this tips, thanks.
  13. A little exaggeration , but as I pointed it before, if Affinity would fix all things mentioned in this thread as a 1.7.5 or 1.8 update (and not touch anything else) it would really make my day (or year). The current state of Photo Editing features we have right now available in Affinity Photo are more than enough (pretty much) for our daily work. Now it's time to take a look at the UX and fix these things that may not seem important but are pretty much necessary for a smooth daily workflow. Forget about the next "cool" feature and put it on hold for a while please. I thought I was alone on this but I see more people joining this thread.... P.D. And let's not forget Sticky settings in ALL the tools..
  14. Thank you PixelPest. That helps a little. Didn't know that shortcut. But is still very klunky / hit and miss... It Doesn't work as expected. The problem is when you group layers... Which Many people do to organize files. For example: My Background can be a group which consists of 4 layers.. Then on top I can have a Logo which is a group and consists of several layers. On top of that I have a group with some texts. etc... Maybe the file consists of 4, 5 complex groups. Right now in Affinity if I hold my mouse over a certain point in the canvas and command + click ( like you mentioned) It chooses the group it wants.. (Probably the one in top) But I want to see the hierarchy of ALL the several groups that intersects my exact mouse position. This is very important.. ! If you try it in Photoshop you can see it's VERY EASY to choose a particular layer from a very complex hierarchy file. Affinity Photo is not there yet and selecting objects is not as easy as it should be. Just exported my file and tested it in Photoshop. It works just as I remember. I can click in 2 seconds and choose the layer I want instead of fiddling on the layers panel (or canvas) checking what was selected... The group which I had closed is opened.., I have to close it again (it's a hassle) I'm sure other people have noticed this.. Strange I don't see any more comments on this. Selecting objects in Affinity Photo (in complex files) is in need of fixing... Regards fjv
  15. I posted this suggestion a couple of years back (never got a response)... It would be great if we could right click on the canvas/work area and be able so select the layer from there. If the mouse is over several layers you can choose the one you want in just one click from the list. This is one of the features I miss most from Photoshop and makes working with multilayers very easy.
  16. Hi, thanks Jowday Its the same workflow I've been using for a couple of years. But now instead of using Photoshop and Illustrator I'm replacing them with Photo and Designer. And hopefully will soon start working on a PDF and Print catalog for them using Publisher. Which by the way I just bought to support Serif and thinking I may never use it in my work. But now I've been including it slowly to my workflow (and happy now that I did). Perfect Timing.....
  17. Hello Mark Actually I just designed the label in Affinity Designer. I exported it as a texture (png) and mapped it to a 3D model. The render part was done in Cinema 4D and then retouched it in Affinity Photo. From Cinema I export as a layered PSD file so I have more control of the render passes: Illumination, Color, Shadows Ambient Occlusion, etc.
  18. Hello. Just wanted to share this quick design made with Affinity Designer. Had an old line of products done with Photoshop and Illustrator. https://www.totalfix.com.mx But now migrating the workflow to Affinity products for Packaging, Branding and promotional materials. Brochures, posters, business cards, etc. By the way, the Client was looking over the shoulder as I did some adjustments and asked about what software I was using. Had some time to do a little evangelizing of the Affinity Line,. He was happy with the results.
  19. Just replicated the problem in my macbook at home If I have the "Enable Metal Acceleration" checkbox selected the gradients are not working properly. Again: the problem is with the midpoint indicator in the working area. The indicator in the tools refreshes and displays correctly; But the image doesn't reflect the changes to the midpoint, either the main working area or moving the small gradient in the tool bar. The gradient in the image stays at 50% percent midpoint no matter how I move the little marker to either side. It's pretty easy to replicate (on my end) two computers, I'll try to upload a video tomorrow. Here's my computer info
  20. Hello Bruce, thanks for testing. I checked more and my suspicions were right. The problem is the Metal Acceleration setting. I changed it to Open GL (Basic) and also Open GL and the gradient worked as expected. So no Metal Acceleration for me... I turned it off. Not sure if this can be fixed ... I'm using an iMac 21.5 , Late 2015 and running Mojave 10.14.5 P.D. Just to clarify.. the gradient midpoint moves correctly on the little gradient that's on the top ( on the tool itself). The thing is that the changes are not reflected on the work area when I move it. Also using the tool in the work area doesn't change the gradient midpoint. I can only move the color end points but dragging the midpoint is not working as expected. Regards
  21. I just found a bug in the latest version of Photo 1.71. I'm using the Gradient Tool to create a Gradient in a Pixel layer. I change the colors to my liking but the problem is in dragging the midpoint in my work area. It's not working. The gradient doesn't shows the changes to the midpoint as I move it.. In other words all my gradients get stuck exactly at 50% percent midpoint. Can anyone else confirm? These are my settings.
  22. JGD , I get you. I also use Affinity Photo in separate mode and its a waste of time moving windows every time you open a new document and it's hidden by the toolbars... Zooming in and out of photos you have to manually resize the windows ( the window frames keep the original size) And when you have 10, 15 images open at the same time you can imagine the waste of clicks and drags just to start working... These little things are not buzz words sellers like : OpenEXR and Radiance HDR support / Import OpenColorIO configurations / HDR / EDR monitor support but we need them for the daily use of the software ... Little things that Photoshop has (and now you miss) and appreciate them more when you don't have them. Photoshop veterans will notice this when they are trying to make the switch and notice the software is not "polished" I've seen posts asking things like this in this couple of years but I guess they don't get much track... A 1.7.1 update would be great to address interface adjustments in the Mac. An example post (9 months old):
  23. Thanks for the tip fde101, Yes, you are correct. Playing with the Curves filter improves the images MUCH more than the shadow/highlights option in the image I used for the test... I guess Adobe "spoiled" us with adjusting images with sliders and we don't do it the old fashioned way now... ja
  24. I still get excited when I see any mention of the Shadow/Highligts filter been "updated"; then I try it and see its mostly the same... I've noticed these bad results since the Affinity Photo Beta times... They do have improved it a LITTLE bit in these years but it still pretty much unsable. I still shoot in JPG in my camera (for practical reasons) so this is what I do my tests with... Adobe Photohop's Camera Raw Filter( Lightroom) and On1's Photo Raw do a pretty good job of "rescuing" the image... but try the same in Affinity Photo (any version from 1 through 1.7 ) and you mostly get a grey mess using the Shadow/ Highlights Filters (in all the areas of the software where it's used) P.D. I still like (and use) Affinity Photo and the 1.7 update but hopefully the developers will pay more attention to the Shadow/Highlights fillters ...
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