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  1. Hello LibreTraining. I'm running MacOs 11.6.1 in one computer an MacOs 10.13.6 in another Both are running Affinity 1.10.4 . That why I think it's an Affinity bug.... I don't remember in the past years noticing such a color shift when opening screenshots.. I tested both computers.
  2. Hello MEB I haven't changed the color profile in the Mac for years.... Here's my screensot Also attaching my Affinity color profile ( which I don't remember changing them in over a year) always had them in sRGB but now when I open the screenshot images in Affinity they are a pale/different color. I just recently added the "convert opened files to working space" checkbox, thinking that this would fix my issue but its the same on or off.. any suggestions on what settings I should have so I can see my screenshots in affinity just as I see them in my main monitor? thanks
  3. Hello I posted more information in this post: But I noticed In the latest version of Affinity Photo that my computers screenshots are all washed out and don't match the color of my monitor. I do this a lot and didn't have this problem before , but now all the screenshots I take from my Desktop computer open desaturated and have a very noticeable color shift... Any ideas how to fix this or is this a recent bug.?
  4. mmh. thanks for the suggestion. Mark will have to test on the Beta Version.. but nor sure if this is it... maybe I'm missing another setting to check or have my RGB working profiles wrong
  5. Thanks Lagarto Mmh I changed my color settings in Affinity but still NOT working as expected (here are some screenshots) If I take a screenshot and open it in QuickLook or Preview the colors look exactly the same But if I open it in Affinity Photo they are still off. Even assigning the sRGB color profile... They look more pale. Any ideas what other setting I should do...? I remember I had this workflow working correctly before: Taking a screenshot and opening it in Photo and take/sample the Hex color from there. I do Web Work and the RGB / Hex color needs to be accurate... With the Mac OS change or a Photo update something got misconfigured....
  6. Hello Hope somebody has a suggestion for this: I noticed this behavior recently( I don't think this was before). Probably (but not sure) when I changed permission for Affinity Photo to record my desktop... Here's the thing. I take screenshots of my desktop frequently and then open them in Affinity photo to check some colors. Now I notice the colors are off and I noticed that Affinity Photo is assigning the "Display" color profile I want Photo to assign the "sRGB" color profile to all the screenshots by default when I open them. I think I had it this way before.. It's a hassle to change the color profile manually to every screenshot I take. Is there a setting for this and assign the specified color profile (sRGB) to all the images I open in Affinity Photo? I'm in MacOS by the way. Thanks in advance.
  7. Ja.. VERY GOOD point. I turned it off and it looks like this fixes my particular problem... P.D. Thanks for the quick reply by the way 😃
  8. thanks for the suggestions all ... I'm investigating but What I'm doing is very simple. I'm making some images/banners for web that have a fixed size. (pixels) 1) I copy and paste different pictures into my file ( which has the final size I want) 2) I move and scale the images as needed... using the image's bounding box controls. very quick workflow But at the end when I finish positioning my images I have to double check there are no decimals in the final images positions. It's hit or miss. Some images end with decimals, others don't . (Most do) If I jiggle the images around quickly and I can remove the decimal point in the position. But If I resize the images and position them again I have to double check that decimals don't get reintroduced in the new position. Not sure if the problem is that the width and height values have also decimals... That's why I was wondering if I can resize them by full pixels. I want to use the handles that are there for the resizing and not need to type numbers to move and resize objects... Strange I don't remember having to worry about this before with this workflow... but since its web work (not print) the little decimals can make the images slightly blurry since they are not pixel aligned... Note: The snap to spread midpoint setting is pretty useful.. not sure if I want to turn this off...
  9. Hello Alfred I do have Force pixel alignment on and move my whole pixels off It looks like it is working but as soon as I resize an image using the handles and adjust the image position slightly I still get decimals , Maybe a bug? I'm attaching an image of my settings.
  10. Hello Hope somebody can help with something that is driving me crazy in Photo.... Probably just a setting I need to check but not sure of the right combination I want to work in my images by whole pixels, NEVER decimals. I copy and past an image and it shows (for example) in the Transform panel X position 104.5. and Y position 123.3 !!! Ok.. so I check the "Force pixel alignment" and it looks like I fix the issue but as soon as I resize the image and reposition it a little bit using the handles I get decimals again!!! what gives? I want to move and resize my images by whole pixels .. always, to avoid blurry images Any idea of the settings I need to check so I can always work this way...?
  11. THANK YOU Very much! That was it.. a Mac OS Security permission thing... Wouldn't have guessed. I think I remembered that notification a while back and never thought it was related to this. I have the color picker working again!
  12. Hello I've noticed the behavior since several Photo updates. Not sure when it started but here's the thing.. I'm using the little color picker in the Colour panel. In the beginning I remember it was VERY useful. You could drag and pick a color from anywhere visible in your screen. Now it only picks colors that are inside the Affinity Photo interface. Not at useful now. 🥺 Before, if I was browsing a webpage, and it just had to have a little piece showing underneath Photo (I'm using separate window workplace), I could pick any color there. Or maybe a little color from my desktop background.. in short anywhere... Is this a bug or a preference I now have to check somewhere? It looks like the color picker is trying to pick color outside of Affinity but they are WAY off. Only the colors that I pick from images I have open or the Affinity toolbar work. Has anybody else experienced this...? I'm in a iMac Late 2015, Running MACOS 11.5.2
  13. We've had the Gradient Bug since Photo 1.9 was introduced in Feb 4. I reported it in March.... It's been a while. Please tell the developers to put it up in the bug list. This bug has happened before and they didn't take that long to fix it with an .01 update.... thanks
  14. Hello. Just downloaded the 1.10 version from the Mac App Store. This gradient bug is still present. Any updates on when they will fix this?
  15. Hello The Gradient bug is still there. One of your main tools is not working properly.... This has been happening since the 1.9 release; about (4-5) months ago. I would consider it a priority bug... Please don't release 1.10 without fixing this.
  16. Hello I just downloaded and tested the RC1 versions. The gradient tool bug I reported a while back is still present. Please don't release this next version without fixing this bug. fjv
  17. Hello. I just downloaded the Photo version and tested it. The gradient bug I reported back in March is still present... 😟 Please don't ingore it for the final 1.10 release. Thanks, fjv
  18. Hello MEB Yes, I checked and the Gradient works as expected on RGB/16 Should I use 16 now...? I've always worked on RGB/8 for all my work. Is this mode outdated? Thanks, fjv
  19. Hello Just checked and the Gradient bug is still in the 1.9.3 update Played with it more and iIt looks like only the Linear gradient is not working correctly. ( Unfortunately for me it's the only one I use 😀) Radial, eliptical and conical gradients work ok thanks
  20. I just watched one of your New Video Tutorials.(Ivan Weiss and LUT packs) and noticed he was applying a gradient masking on one of the adjustment layers he created. I saw that he adjusted the gradient midpoint with no problem. I tried it also in 1.9.2 and this works as expected on Adjustment Layers (using the gradient tool) But the bug I'm reporting is only noticeable in a new Pixel Layer. There it won't work. Hope this helps the developers pinpoint the problem.
  21. Hello. FYI: Just downloaded and tested Affinity Photo 1.9.2 This gradient tool bug is still there...
  22. Hello, Just to clarify. The last time they did fix it. Probably just got broken again in these last updates. Thanks, fjv
  23. Hello I noticed the same bug I reported a year back I'm creating a Gradient in a pixel layer and I can't adjust the midpoint. I drag the interactive slider in the work area but it doesn't work as expected. It looks I can adjust it numerically in the tool bar. It modifies it in the toolbar but the changes won't reflect in the work area. So in short: No way to adjust the mid point in any gradient. thanks P.D. I'm using the latest version of Photo ( not the beta) and MacOs latest version in an iMac 2015
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