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  1. Here is a classic issue, you have uneven line spacing at the page level because you have unequal text flowing! Oh, terrible! It's a classic issue that can be easily fixed. Bottom text align. Go to "View - studio - Text Frame - Verticle align "bottom." Now your bottoms will align, your tops, not so much! Another workaround would be to make folios set at bottom, and just let the text flow.
  2. What version of Prinergy? Do you have the PDF trapping plug in? What was the actual trapping errors? Were spot colors on tone involved? Did it choke when it should have spread? Sometimes, you do have to make .eps because of odd transparency issues, but if it's font trapping that should be able to be done with the plug in. What version of PDF (1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7) is being exported? If it is black type not overprinting, there are a few things you can do. If it is fonts not embedding correctly, that's something else. I love to work on this kind of stuff. Detective work. I guess that somethings work differently with different apps and how the RIPS apply them, what they are expecting. In certain programs (Illustrator, for example) work arounds became the normal way of getting jobs out, then something new comes around and you gotta use your time and noggin to figure out how to make it work with your system.
  3. Export single page pdfs with bleeds, nomarks. Imposition software will take care of the saddle stitch. I always make the exported file size of full sheet plus 1/8" bleed so 8.5 x11 is 8.75 x 11.25. Remember to extend bleeds out. I set file up with bleed from the start. I regularly remove marks from supplied pdfs, but it's always better to have the page the way I described, your items will be in the position you set them in, with no chance of change since only bleed is included. Try the link below from your exported pdfs. http://www.imposeonline.com/instructions.php I use Qoppa pdf studio pro 2019. Works like a charm.
  4. I own the windows version, work is MAC only, having similar issue as John Fleet. Am running the trial at work. I hope this can get figured out because the trial really impressed my bosses, and we need more control over PDFs in editing mode, for a lot of jobs.
  5. I think for most efficient work, make a PDF, let the page layout be what it is a page layout, asking it to do more (even if other operating systems do it) can be time consuming. I betcha that you do this all the time, the right tool will be much better, if it's once in a while, well, ya gotta live with it. I like working on page layouts more than impositions... so I have the right tool for the jobs, not just one type of job. I hope that make sense!
  6. This may help some folks on Windows machines... https://www.winhelponline.com/blog/reinstall-microsoft-print-to-pdf-delete-accidentally/
  7. Yes, but don't make facing pages, make the pages 1-12. When you make facing pages, to convert to a booklet is a lot of work. High end imposition (Preps, Impostrip) do this pretty quickly, but they are expensive, I mean really expensive. They have a way to go from readers to printer spreads... See my picture for making Affinity Publisher work this, it's pretty straight forward. I'll be honest though, I would rather make a PDF put it in an output folder and make an imposed PDF, I have a lot more control. But if it's a simple no bleed document or you don't mind white border, this will do the trick.
  8. I have a cheap Ricoh printer and I used that PS driver, and with print to file, it makes a postscript file (ps not prn)... Certainly you can do it any number of ways, but man it gets old fast!! My brother b&w makes a prn...
  9. I have acrobat driver on my machine, and microsoft drivers that allow you to make booklet. They work easy enough, but I am assuming no bleed, so if it bleeds, the page size is gonna change, etc etc...YMMV.
  10. It's a fully featured imposition software, and when you see that other imposition software with the same features are 500 bucks and up (and you can buy the program for half price if you are paitent), it's a great deal.
  11. The best way is to make your document page 1-8 straight. I have found a great piece of software, Qoppa PDF Studio Pro 2019, it is a good general editor of PDFs (not so much graphic, more general) but it has a stunningly great imposition feature, and its $125.00 U.S. It's just as functional as more expensive imposition software. I am so excited about it I started a blog. I have no affiliation with Qoppa, but it's a great company and program. https://letsimposethatpdf.blogspot.com/2019/06/lets-impose-that-pdf.html PDF Studio completes the Affinity Suite for me!!
  12. I've been waiting a long assed time for this type of workflow, I've only seen a handful of programs that do this... and they were outta my price range.
  13. Try spot colors in M publisher... No one has used the name layout... and you have designer, photo and layout... it's a team effort!
  14. Hey, You have a good product with a terrible name, it reminds us graphic artists of a M!@@))@@)@t product. Change the name to Affinity Layout and thank me for a couple of decades. Rodi
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