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  1. Thanks for your assessment. I'd made a similar assessment. And, like many other people, I am putting in an informal "vote" that I'd like to see an affiliate system implemented. It's otherwise known as customer / public feedback.
  2. And what is your point Catshill? That Serif have no interest in customer / market feedback?
  3. As the owner of a Mac related blog (which includes software reviews and recommendations), I am putting in a vote for Serif setting up an affiliate program. I'll write up an article on Publisher etc., even without affiliate links. But in my prioritisation of articles, those that I can monetise typically get written first. I expect that's going to be the case for many others who each an income from affiliate programs. The overheads on running affiliate programs are likely fairly minimal these days. It can be almost entirely (if not 100%) automated, after the initial investment of time setting it up. I run one myself, for my own products, and it's mostly automated. In response to those who seem to have a disdain for or negative opinion about affiliate programs ... I see little value from questioning peoples' ethics and motivations for being affiliate marketers. It's simply another way of marketing, like advertising, writing articles on your company site, creating helpful (and product related) videos on a YouTube channel, etc.. Which are all methods businesses in the 21st century utilise to drive sales and market penetration. As an example ... Amazon (which from year to year ranks between being the largest to second largest retailer on the planet), generates around 40% of their sales through affiliates funnelling people their way. https://www.prweb.com/releases/dekh/news/prweb10816600.htm
  4. I have to agree. It's the reason I am holding off on jumping from InDesign and Photoshop (which I detest having to subscribe to, as I only do book publishing sporadically), over to Publisher and Photo. I use Photoshop more often (than InDesign), but won't be jumping to Serif products until both apps meet my requirements (i.e., foot/endnotes in Publisher), otherwise I'll still need to keep Adobe sub running. - - - On another note ... Judging by the wave of new message notifications in my Mail inbox, I get the impression I've dug up a can of worms here! I'm still reading through all the chat that's occurred since revival of this thread. I sincerely hope Serif are paying attention to all the noise. At the risk of stating the obvious, I will also add that it's not simply "academic books" and articles requiring Footnotes/Endnotes. I suspect the vast majority of non-fiction books will need to make use of them.
  5. I agree. I was about to buy Publisher (and Photo) a little over 60 minutes ago, and to get into using it instead of InDesign for book publishing. Thankfully (and sadly) I stumbled upon a comment about its lack of support for endnotes and footnotes, and for ePub export. That was whilst searching for InDesign / Publisher comparisons online. As many of those comparisons were from 2018 to 2020, I figured, "Oh, that was then ... surely by now they have implemented such a fundamental and critical feature ...". In my attempt to prove that assumption right, I found this 30 page thread we're having this discussion on. Like many other publishers, I won't be buying Publisher for now. That likely means I won't be buying Affinity Photo either, as I need tight integration between the apps I am using for photo manipulation and desktop publishing (current PS and InD). Without footnotes and endnotes Affinity has basically cut out the entire book publishing industry. This nearly 3 year old 30 page forum thread seems to be testament to a possible lack of wisdom in that regard. But I guess they have their reasons.
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