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  1. I would call footnote basic. It is at least weird why is not implemented yet. What is the difficulty for inserting it in Publisher?
  2. Publisher is exporting blank pages. I tried several way as jpg and pdf. Sometimes is exporting only page number from master page or random page. It looks like when rasterised is exporting ok, wich, weird, i never did before. How can I fix this issue as I need to send the material to print!?!?
  3. Publisher print is skiping pages in book mode. Some pages don*t appear in the small print preview window.
  4. Affinity photo stopped opening files. I dont know the reason. When I try to open a png file is doing nothing. Is freezed.
  5. The image is linked. The editing is done in Photo persona from Publisher. Also, there is another thing that it looks weird in Publisher. When editing in Publisher (in Photo Persona) and doing a basic contrast level the quality of the image edit is cheap (looks very weird - low quality). If I edit the same picture in Affinity Photo looks good. I draw the conclusion that Photo Persona is not the same with Affinity Photo and does sometimes a low quality job, at least in this specific case...
  6. How can I obtain this as automatic split when choose from double face pages to single page view? Is quite annoying to split each picture. Also there is the problem with adjusting bleeding each time a switch from double page to single page view.
  7. I*m trying to edit a photo with inpainting tool and the program is closing eachtime without notice. When I reopen the file is asking me if I want to recover. etc...
  8. I can not do that. The images are stored on a hard disk in a D partition.
  9. Just by clicking rasterise the problem dissapeared instanly. That*s very weird for me... The problem with the rasterise is that of losing sharpness. I don*t know if the sharpness is preserved when exporting not rasterised images.
  10. l.e. reopened and they still look like this or worst. Tried to switch from linked to embeded but the issue did not dissaper...
  11. So. A book containing hundreds of photos linked. On the left bar the pages appear normal but as you scroll down in the doc the photos apeared like damaged images. Photos are 1200 and 600 dpi. I closed the project and opened again. They appear normal... but for how long?...
  12. I had several times Publisher closing by itself when I tried to edit an image without doing rasterize using inpaint tool. I realized that after a while that I need to rasterize. No message no nothing just closing by itself.
  13. Also it would be a great function to hide/show the footnote for the whole book, paper, magazine, etc. For example when you need the footnote for your own workflow but not nedeed for publishing to the end user/reader.
  14. I agree! We need some sort of auto indexing. Lets say you input only the first and the last. I have a few hundred pages and I*m getting old inserting them 1 by 1.
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