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  1. l.e. reopened and they still look like this or worst. Tried to switch from linked to embeded but the issue did not dissaper...
  2. So. A book containing hundreds of photos linked. On the left bar the pages appear normal but as you scroll down in the doc the photos apeared like damaged images. Photos are 1200 and 600 dpi. I closed the project and opened again. They appear normal... but for how long?...
  3. I had several times Publisher closing by itself when I tried to edit an image without doing rasterize using inpaint tool. I realized that after a while that I need to rasterize. No message no nothing just closing by itself.
  4. Also it would be a great function to hide/show the footnote for the whole book, paper, magazine, etc. For example when you need the footnote for your own workflow but not nedeed for publishing to the end user/reader.
  5. I agree! We need some sort of auto indexing. Lets say you input only the first and the last. I have a few hundred pages and I*m getting old inserting them 1 by 1.
  6. Thank you! It would be very usefull feature for some works that are not printed.
  7. geographic map... you did not understand my issue... usually when you creat a file you can do it as single face doc or mirrored page doc. I need to introduce a single page (a map, a design etc) into e dual page/mirrored doc.
  8. I need to introduce a large map in a dual page / mirrored page document! Is this posible? Thanks.
  9. I realy need the footnotes function. When it will be available? Thanks
  10. the lack of footnotes is annoying... can someone from Affinity answer when they will implement this function? thanks!
  11. I can not do that as it is a research for over 5 years. Make a docx doc with 500 pages, import text and pictures in it and try to import in Publisher. The result should be the same...
  12. Nothing hapening. I did that already.... hard drive led working but Publisher controls freezed...
  13. 1. I*m trying to import a large .doc file that has images as well and is a book that has already most of the text editing, etc. The .doc file size is around 230 MB and aprox. 500 pages. I saw no other option than to import with Place function the whole document into a text box. My hard drive is clipping although nothing is happening. Am I doing something wrong or I just need to wait until the file is uploaded into the spread? 2. Would be very usefull to have a sign that shows you that the software is processing or is blocked and to include not only images as resource but word .doc format as well. Thanks!
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