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  1. Here it is (attached) 2 PROBLEMS: 1. What I described above (the original question). I did delete that as I was trying to fix it, but now I can't even see the text (see problem #2. listed below!) 2. The text frame box - the text does not show even though I've got the color set to black (hex 000000) Thanks! problem - Copy.afpub
  2. Okay, because I've run into another problem where the darn text (using the Text Frame) is transparent. So I opened up a New document in Affinity Publisher and the text is black (hex 000000)and it's working, so I don't know what is causing the issue in the first document! This is not the first time with this issue.
  3. Is there a way just to save that one page as an affinity file? I don't want to save the whole document and upload it here.
  4. Okay, I'll have to create a new file then, as I don't want to send the whole file over. Thx.
  5. I created this table in Affinity Publisher. I then inserted these numbers inside of the table (not using the Text tool). Why is Affinity cutting off the right half of the numbers, as you can see in the attached image? Thanks.
  6. Oh!!! I just finally figured out that I can click on it and drag it out and it's like a pop-up on my screen, and then I can drag and make it larger.
  7. Is there a way for me to have a pop-out of the Layers Panel or make it so that it's larger? I find it very small in its location (I'm not talking about the thumbnails), and I can't see all the layers at once. Thanks.
  8. Nope. No copyrighted material. Yes, I was able to crop it, but not save or export. For now, I've gotten around this by converting my PDF into a JPG in a different program, and then I'm able to crop, save, and/or export the JPG using Affinity Photo.
  9. Is there a get-around then? I don't think anything has changed.... That particular PDF file won't let me export as ANY file.
  10. I uploaded a PDF into Affinity PHoto. I cropped it, and Affinity gives me a warning saying "This document does not allow exporting." I also can't save or save as (greyed out). Am I missing something? I'm sure I've done this before, with no issues. TIA!
  11. I have created a document in Affinity publisher (2 master pages - one is the text box where I'd like the quote to be - and the 2nd master page is the pictures. My document is complete with all pages. I've now prepared an Excel spreadsheet of quotes. I want to add a quote on every second page (importing my Excel spreadsheet) and not have to do each one manually. I cannot figure out how to do it properly with data merge. Can this be done? If so, I'll need details, as this is still new for me. Thanks, in advance.
  12. Thank you. That pointed me in the right direction, and then I was able to figure it out by searching and finding this: All solved now!
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