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  1. Thanks! Window - References - Notes. Hidden by default!
  2. 1. The footnotes are not continuous from one page to another. Why not ? 2. Footnotes converted to endnotes results go into continous mode but when I reverse the process they are still not continuous from one page to another.
  3. There a more issues. Why does the footnotes aren*t continuous from one page to another?
  4. Publisher is loosing fonts even if they are installed. I install them again and still doesn*t see them. This issue appeared around a few months ago. In the same time when I access Resource Manager for updating pictures or save them to Collect Publisher is closing down without any message for error or whatever.
  5. doesnt give me any erro message. the same thing is happening sometimes with the fonts. pdflib.log
  6. The book has 447 pages with aprox 500 pics linked. When exporting 100 or 200 pages. everything is ok. I suspect that the problem is in the first half of the book. I will enable the pdf logging. Thanks!
  7. Exactly! The file was opened fine in Windows, but when put in Publisher AP closed each time suddenly.
  8. well it did closed without notice many times. my post was intended for the developer or for the users who had the same issue. I can*t share the file.
  9. I was trying to upload a photo that had a long title with alot of symbols "-", and words. After renaming the file (photo), Pubisher is not crashing anymore. Problem solved.
  10. I would call footnote basic. It is at least weird why is not implemented yet. What is the difficulty for inserting it in Publisher?
  11. Affinity photo stopped opening files. I dont know the reason. When I try to open a png file is doing nothing. Is freezed.
  12. How can I obtain this as automatic split when choose from double face pages to single page view? Is quite annoying to split each picture. Also there is the problem with adjusting bleeding each time a switch from double page to single page view.
  13. Also it would be a great function to hide/show the footnote for the whole book, paper, magazine, etc. For example when you need the footnote for your own workflow but not nedeed for publishing to the end user/reader.
  14. I agree! We need some sort of auto indexing. Lets say you input only the first and the last. I have a few hundred pages and I*m getting old inserting them 1 by 1.
  15. geographic map... you did not understand my issue... usually when you creat a file you can do it as single face doc or mirrored page doc. I need to introduce a single page (a map, a design etc) into e dual page/mirrored doc.
  16. I need to introduce a large map in a dual page / mirrored page document! Is this posible? Thanks.
  17. I realy need the footnotes function. When it will be available? Thanks
  18. the lack of footnotes is annoying... can someone from Affinity answer when they will implement this function? thanks!
  19. I can not do that as it is a research for over 5 years. Make a docx doc with 500 pages, import text and pictures in it and try to import in Publisher. The result should be the same...
  20. Nothing hapening. I did that already.... hard drive led working but Publisher controls freezed...
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