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  1. Spreads are necessary because you can realize layouts on two sides. (see picture) On single pages, such a thing would be difficult to realize.
  2. My printer expects single pages with all around bleed. But I would like to put the layout on double pages, because sometimes objects go over two pages (which works fine when exporting to single pages, by the way). Even if I scale a photo accurately, a part of it appears in the bleed of the opposite page.
  3. Apparently, there is not much interest in this topic. Is it because nobody works with full-page photos? Or is there another way to place full-page photos that are exported without errors? I'm grateful for every suggestion.
  4. First of all, many thanks to Serif for Affinity Publisher. You did a great job and I love the software. However, I miss two features that are enormously important and prevent me from saying goodbye to InDesign: On the one hand, I do not have the "Data Merge" function that many users often want. I do not need to go into that. On the other hand (and this is really annoying), the function "Split Spread" is missing in the "Pages" panel. But this is very important if you want to place borderless or full-page photos. An example: Almost every professional printing company requires a 3mm bleed around each side. If I place a photo on the full page, the bleed of the photo on the opposite side appears during export. (see photo) In InDesign this is solved so that you can split individual double pages and then placed on the split page the photo with bleed. (see photo) That makes no problems in the export. A smaller feature that is missing is that you cannot export the bleed mark but only the cut mark when exporting. But I think I can live with that for now. (I hope my printers too)
  5. Another vote for data merge. I need it and is enormously important for me.
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