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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, but this doesn’t work. I tried it last time you recommended it and it’s not any faster than saving shortcuts in the sidebar or keeping the original folder open and dragging that into the save box. Adobe products and several other creative apps keep the last file save/save as location PER FILE. So when I work on one client that wants to have their files saved in one location and the next client wants their files saved in a totally different location then I’m not having to jump back and forth every time I make a change or create something new for a different client. Unless I missed something, default folder x just let’s you set a default folder per app. Not per file. If Adobe has done it for the last 15 years then I think affinity should be able to do it as well. Not having it just wastes so much time for anyone using affinity professionally.
  2. I was really really hoping the 1.9 update would address it. So disappointing.
  3. Thanks, thats interesting. Does it keep track of/create a default save location for each file? I looked at the website, but I didn't see how it was much different than making favorites in the normal Mac sidebar.
  4. This was the first thing I tested when I opened the updated apps today. Unfortunately this has not changed. Incredibly disappointing. The last save as location for that document needs to be saved with the document. One moment I am working on client A and export several things to their folder using their documents. The next moment I am working on client B and there is no reason I should have to find the other folder and waste time switching back and forth. Please fix - I would almost consider this a bug as it should at least default the path to the document location. I love your software but this negative aspect is something I am reminded of almost every day.
  5. Thanks for checking into this. I am getting the same error with two large branding files that were in my google drive as well. Hoping there is a solution soon.
  6. I was really disappointed this wasn't fixed in the last update. Seems so obvious as the way it is right now wastes so much time.
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