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  1. Hi, That would be great! I believe it was a category called Basic Brushes. Let me know if I am mis-remembering and I can take a screen shot. Many thanks, Sandi
  2. I am new to Affinity Design and (after first learning about the vector persona) just started learning and exploring the pixel persona and I just deleted an entire Brush Category. How do I get those brushes back (they came with the software). I have the iPad version such that I can use my iPencil. I tried to “undo” but that did not seem to work. Is there a place I can download files of the brushes included in the software? Many thanks for your help,
  3. “Hi, I am also trying to export a PNG with a transparent background. The tutorial shows I can select this option under the AREA tab (choosing between “whole image” or “selection with background”. But when I attempt to export, this AREA tab option is grayed out and not accessible to me. I am a bit frustrated that I can’t figure out how to just export easily with transparent background. I am new to Design so any help would be much appreciated.
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