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  1. Hi Dave Ok, I'll be looking forward to that then. Cheers /johs
  2. Hi Affinity folks. First thanks for a two good tools, they keep getting better and better. We receive a lot of artwork from our clients as .pdf's, and very often there are used non standard fonts. We need the artwork for TVC's so all we really need to do to it is to export the .pdf's ( sometimes layers by layer ) as .png or .exr so we can use it in the TVC's. Usually we have such short deadlines so there is no time for trying to get the correct fonts, and trying to make the client export to something we can use directly is even more impossible. We are using PS for that at the moment because when PS opens a .pdf with missing fonts, the document can still look correct, but the font layer will be "rasterized" and non editable. I don't know how PS does that but would it be possible to get the same functionality added in Affinity Photo and Designer? Cheers /johs
  3. Hi Affinty team. We do a lot of file conversion of images and vector art that we receive from our clients for supers in TVC's every day. Typically we just have to do quite simple edits, file conversions and layer exports to .png or .exr (looking forward to export to openEXR's in Affinity ;) ), but we do quite a lot each day, and from multiple clients with multiple projects often at the same time. Would it be possible to make the save and export file browsing windows, point to the same folder as where the file was opened from? -instead of the previous location where a file were saved or exported to (which often is in a complete different project folder) as it is now. Since it is something that we do a lot every day it would be quite a time saver, plus it would free up brain resources from path remembering and browsing to be used on actual creative work ;) Cheers /johs
  4. Oh Yes!! that would be awesome. -and please not like "filename copy2 copy" etc. The best way to do it I have seen in Nuke from The Foundry: command + shift + s From "filename.ext" to: filename_v001.ext filename_v002.ext filename_v003.ext etc. -and if you start the sequence by manually writing the version number in your first save/export you can even have the version number in the middle of the filename like "filename_v001_userInitials.ext". That would be cool to have in all programs :) cheers /johs
  5. Hi Matt Cool! The naming is nice to have but no showstopper. -And I can work with either regular export or the trimmed one at the moment, luckily we aren't to busy right now;) Thanks for your help and for adding the request to the sensible suggestions list :) cheers /johs
  6. Hi Matt Thanks for your reply. I hadn't thought about doing it that way. It takes some clicks to set it up, but when it is done it is quite fast. And the export itself are like 100 - 1000 times faster than PS!!!!! I like that it is possible to change format and options for each slice, but also possible to change all at once by selecting them all, nice work. The only problem is that the layers/slices are trimmed. Often the supers are placed correctly in the frame as the agency wants it when we get it, so it would be nice to be able to export it untrimmed so we can keep the original placement. Is that possible already? And would it be possible to prefix all the filenames with the document name or a custom string? cheers /johs
  7. Hi Affinity Team Would it be possible to add functionality to export all the layers from a document to separate files? (especially in Affinity Photo) We often get multilayer .psd's from our clients containing a bunch of supers and splashes that we need to animate on TVC's, and we always need to export each layer out as a separate image file. In PS there is a "script" called "Export layers to files" but it is quite limited regarding file formats and saving options. So I request the addition of a "Export layers to separate files" check box in the export dialog for all formats. And regarding the naming of the outputted files then it could be just as simple as "documentName_layerName.ext". Good work so far, I'm really looking forward for the official release of Affinity Photo Cheers /johs
  8. Hi Nice with the ctrl+alt keys for adjusting resize and hardness. Would it be possible to adjust brush opacity in the same way, for instance with pen button 3 (middle click)? or shift? And regarding the hotkeys "[" and "]", may I generally request that when you define hotkeys, you make them more internationally user-friendly. I'm for instance using a Danish keyboard and the "[" and "]" don't exist on that keyboard, they are "alt" functions of the "8" and "9" keys, and you don't have them on your keyboard either. chers /johs
  9. Hi Affinity team I have two small feature requests that will make Affinity Photo and Designer fit really good into VFX, movie and TVC production. 1. My primary request is import and export in the Open EXR file format. Some of the key features of Open EXR is: High Dynamic range, up to 32 bit float. Multiple channel sets (layers / passes). Multiple compression types, both lossless and lossy. Open EXR is used all around in VFX, movie and TVC production. It is supported by, and the preferred image file format of many tools in VFX production (nuke, maya, modo, mari, fusion, scratch, daVinci resolve, etc. and even AE, but it's really bad implemented in PS). 2. The second request is support for motion picture and TV color spaces. Being able to handle Rec709, cineon (LOG), P3, Rec2020, ACES, etc. correctly in Affinity Photo and Designer would be a huge plus. I'm not a developer, but I think it could be done through the OpenColorIO color management solution, which is also widely adopted by VFX production tools. A still image editor is not the primary tool in the VFX, movie and TVC world. But it is always there as a secondary tool for doing quick fixes, converting images and vector files, developing raw files, etc. These requests I mention are weak points/not supported at all with most other image editors, and I think if Affinity Photo and Designer get's it right, it could be a huge plus, and with the very reasonable price tag I can't see reasons to not choose Affinity Photo and Designer. Cheers /johs
  10. Awesome looking tool! Yes, openEXR is quite important, what are the plans of an implementation? cheers /johs
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