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  1. Yes, this is slowing my daily workflow DRASTICALLY. I was hoping that at least in V2 this issue will be gone, but I got dissapointed. It's even more frustrating as it worked in 1.7 (or 1.8 even?) so it should (hopefully) be easy to reproduce/locate the error. This is driving me nuts for over a year now.
  2. Okay, I think I have a solution. It seems that it's a problem between Google Drive and MacOS, or better Spotlight. I did the following: - Go to System Preferences > Spotlight - Go to 'Privacy' (Tab) - Hit '+' and add your Google 'drive' to prevent Spotlight to search through it. With this, I didn't have any issues so far. Hope it helps.
  3. Does anyone have some news on this? It's really not bearable for my workflow, as some files are "stuck", because as soon as the export modular window opens, Affinity freezes and I'm not able to change the directory to a local folder.
  4. I have the same problem. Interestingly enough it only happens on my Mac, not on my PC. (maybe that gives some more clues for solving this issue) But I'm with Heinrichdsf, Google Drive is essential for my business workflow and saving locally/move manually isn't a valid solution for me. Any new insights when this issue will be tackled?
  5. Thanks for your reply stokerg, It seems like it is how you describe it. But from my point of view that can't be an expected behavior, as it results in unnecessary work, because I have to redraw the transparency gradients for every item when I deform the whole group just a little. I'd expect it to either deform the transparency with the object (i.e. squeeze it together) or at least leave the transparency as it is. (i.e. don't adjust to the squeeze).
  6. I just realized when I uploaded my latest test file that it seems solved in there and I might have the root of these problems: I assume this doubled line on the transparency gradient is due to transforming the object after the gradient is set. as soon as I have these, I get the weird behavior. if I reset the gradient, it seems to work fine. anyone can confirm (that it's not just something different on my end)?
  7. hi @stokerg thanks for your reply. i added/edited it in, in my latest posting.
  8. I just made a test with one single element. (not exceeding the artboard limits) this is the (same) result: and these are my export settings: svg-test-jokerat.afdesign
  9. Hi Affinities I have the following issue: I have an artboard that has vector elements that go outside the artboard. Now I want to export that artboard as an SVG (in vectors, not rasterized) but limited to the artboard measurements/borders. When i export it though, it deformes and squeezes/skews everything in a way I don't understand. Exported as a PNG works fine (I assume it's because it's rasterized). Wanted result: What I get:
  10. Nein, es gibt leider kein Bemassungswerkzeug in Affinity Designer.
  11. No worries, I do have a (simpler) workaround for my case, but just wanted to report it, as it isn't very intuitive for the user. in my opinion anway. Thanks for your help and the bump. PS: this forum needs a 'thumb up' emoticon.
  12. I have the following setup: pixel persona: one layer with a background color (here: blue). above a layer with a white background and a hole in the middle (to show the blue background). now I take the mask tool select an area left side, press V and resize it over the whole. now on the left side it creates a blue 'line' (having a new partially transparent area). this is also in Affinity Photo, btw. Screen Recording 2019-10-22 at 11.21.40.mov
  13. You're my hero. Thanks. :-) The mean thing was that I had my pressure profile on an even level, so it wasn't obvious. (I have no clue how you get onto that. Kudos! :D)
  14. Unfortunate, but thanks a lot, GabrielM. Looking forward for that improvement. Especially to get on par with the desktop version, it makes sense.
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