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  1. kilimanjaro

    Text Boxes in Symbols – Position Never Synched?

    OK I just edited the text and it doesn't get synched either, although I have a full orange bar at the left of the layer and "Sync" in the Symbol panel is enabled. What gives?
  2. Maybe I don't understand symbols properly, but I have this situation: Create a symbol that contains several text boxes. The "Sync" button is activated. Move one text box around inside the symbol. Location or size of the text box is never synched. Kind of defies the purpose of using symbols if it only works for shapes. When I change the actual text (content) of the box inside the symbol, that gets synched, but the size and position of the text box inside the symbol doesn't get synched.
  3. kilimanjaro

    Separated Mode Super Buggy

    I just tried to use Affinity Photo in "separated mode" and found it to be super buggy. My setup is as follows: MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2016), Radeon Pro 460 4096 MB macOS Sierra 10.12.5 (16F73) Affinity Photo 1.5.2 Internal display is set to 1440x900 retina (i.e. essentially 2880x1800 with pixel doubling) External monitor is an iiyama PL2475HD (1080p HD) I use this as my main screen Here are the problems I ran into: Dragging panels (tabs) and "docking" them do other panels/tabs is super buggy.Docking the brushes tab often results in it suddenly increasing in height Whether they actually dock with other tabs is very much a hit an miss There is not light blue overlay to indicate where the tab will be docked When the layer panel is docked at the bottom of all other panels and the bottom of the layer panel aligns with the bottom edge of the screen it seems to randomly resize in height. Which makes the icons on the bottom of the layers panel inaccessible and also makes it impossible to resize the layers panel, so you have to undock it, drag it up, resize it and redock it at the bottom… Collapsing tabs to the header in separated mode when docked to other tabs, often has them overlap with some of the widgets of the tab below. Appearance is reminiscient of floating and z-height issues in CSS Dialogue drawers (export, save as, etc.), which originate from the document window header, appear partially obstructed by the bar with the persona switchers (whatever that is called). Those should be lifted on top of everything else
  4. When using the Japanese input method to enter text, Affinity Designer shows random buggy behaviour. At times it's impossible to switch input methods via keyboard shortcut (when that happens one has to click outside a text box, then switch then click inside the text box again). Also, when switching from Japanese input method to a Latin keyboard layout & input, sometimes previously entered text gets entered again or pasted in (see attachment). In the case of the attached screenshot I entered the Japanese text, left the upper text box, clicked into the lower text box, switched input method to Roman/US keyboard and then the previously entered Japanese text just popped into the text box (no cut & paste was performed by me).