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  1. My experience varies. Most of the time it just keeps crashing so I don't even bother using the export persona (not great when you are a web designer and rely on it). Then on very rare occasions, when I am feelign lucky, I chance using it and it works. However mine crashes no matter where I try to save the files to; local or cloud storage.
  2. Well, initially a few exports worked fine but as they days went on the same old problem occurred. Sadly this is not a working fix. Affinity, please can you guys get to the bottom of this.
  3. Hi @JokeRat, interesting solution. I'vejust applied those changes and will monitor how Designer exports. I'll post my feedback here.
  4. Yes, it does not matter where I try to export to. It's so inconsistent though because I can go a day wthout any issue and then the following day it will refuse to work and just hang each time I use the Export Persona.
  5. @SnapArtboardsToPixels Hmm, I am actually going to re-install Designer today with the official Download and seeif that helps and if not I'll install the Beta. Affinity Photo does not do this so I've been going between the two...so frustrating.
  6. I'm running the version downloaded direct from the Affinity website.
  7. I see. My sync to the cloud is always paused when I'm working so it's really saving locally on the Google Drive folder. I then at the end of the day resume the file sync. Does this make any difference? It's very furstrating as Google Drive is part of my work-flow. Any idea when we'll see a fix?
  8. I've actually just posted about the same issue. I didn't notice this thread. I'm on an Intel chip but having the same issue.
  9. I'm finding when using the Export Persona, saving to a Google Drive location locally, that it freezes and I just keep getting the spinner. I then have to force quit. However, when I use File > Export to a Google Drive location it does not Freeze. Not ideal as I don't get the features I rely upon from the Export persona. I'm on the latest version of the software (1.10.4) and also Mac Os (12.0.1 Monterey). What's going on?
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