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  1. That's a start, @Paul Mudditt. Is it just me or would it be nicer to see that before committing a save?
  2. No. From the files screen, tapping on + leads to the screen where I can either import or open an existing file. 'Import' makes a copy. 'Open' opens the original file. Watch the video. affinity.MP4 You can't see the taps, but I first import, then open a file from Dropbox. I can't find an indicator to tell them apart. Saving the imported file will save it in a different folder on iCloud. Saving the opened file will overwrite the original. Knowing what will happen to which is important.
  3. Walt, I should have been clearer. I meant opening or importing an existing Affinity document into the app. Not an image into an existing file.
  4. I see that dragging files out of Affinity to the Photos app exports them as flattened images. However, quality/resolution of the exported image is very low. Is there a way to set quality and resolution to custom values?
  5. Once I import (=make working copy) or open (=edit original) an existing affinity file from the cloud: is there a way to tell which way it came into appAffinity? It makes quite a difference.
  6. Hi @DWright, I found this folder: AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Designer\1.0 (Store)\CrashReports But unfortunately there are no .dmp files inside. I have hidden and system files visible.
  7. System restore saves the day. [powerin' down, swingin' back to brunch]
  8. Doing a system restore right now. So annoying when You go from a perfectly tuned and working system to the rabbit hole that windows troubleshooting can be. Especially when, I’m pretty sure, it wasn’t me messing with the system
  9. In my experience all Affinity products are so damn well optimized for Macs You probably won't notice a difference on _those_ machines. I am just testing the base (13", 1.4 GHz) model MPB and Photo, like Designer, is super responsive with all of my files. In fact, it is much better than the specs on paper imply. Having said that, either 15" macbook You mentioned should do a stellar job with all Affinity products. Depending on Your needs You might trade more RAM and/or SSD for the fastest multi-core CPU.
  10. BTW is there a more direct means of customer support by Serif?
  11. Et voilà, @haakoo. Does that make any sense?
  12. A complete system crash, as if the plug was pulled. Windows events report a critical error, but without a lot of information.
  13. Tried resetting prefs again, crashed again. Team Serif, I need Your help.

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