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  1. Rocketdrive

    View snaps back after pinch zoom/move operation on canvas

    OK, same here. Happens on two different iPadPros.
  2. Rocketdrive

    View snaps back after pinch zoom/move operation on canvas

    Ah, good, so it's not just me I guess I've seen it in Designer as well, but since I spend most of my time in Photo it's the place where I see it most. I'll give Designer a spin with some quick sketches and see how it behaves.
  3. I'd love to customise Photo (or Designer). A combination of the following would be useful: a custom shelf, or persona with say, up to 9 positions that can be anything, and I really mean anything: a brush preset, a tool (e.g. brush, spline or lasso selection), or just a toggle like "protect alpha". Or rasterize layer. You get the idea. directional gestures, or flicks. The sweet spot for these seems to be 6, which means I can have super fast access to 6 more controls that I find important. Could again be brush presets, filters or any command/menu within Photo. Background: I am painting a lot in Photo. This means that I use some tools quite often, while others I hardly touch in weeks. Things like the polygon lasso tools force me to switch personas in order to create a selection, and switch back in order to move the selection. This is crude. I'd rather customise an additional persona to my needs and never look back What do You think?
  4. Rocketdrive

    Perspective filter render bug in Designer

    Interesting, I had some issues with the perspective filter in Photo on Windows the other day. Basically upon merging down the filter it introduced some artefacts... I am preparing a video on the issue and will post ist soon.
  5. Rocketdrive

    View snaps back after pinch zoom/move operation on canvas

    It happened apx. 1 out of three times over the weekend, on two different iPad Pros. A little frustrating. Wondering if anyone else has that issue?
  6. I guess it was via shortcut. I tried on some new and already existing files of various sizes, where it worked as intended. However, today I tried flippin the canvas around after having edited a large file (40 + layers, 5555 x 3333 pixels) for 30 minutes or so. It did not really work. Meaning, I had to zoom in order to see the effect. Maybe has something to do with large history logs or large caches?
  7. Rocketdrive

    View snaps back after pinch zoom/move operation on canvas

    OK here we go. 3 secs into the video I pinch-zoom, and after I release the view snaps back. "Show touches" is activated in settings to better show what's going on. This doesn't happen every time I use the gestures, but often enough to be a workflow breaker when it occurs more frequently. 87D1C519-B140-41AD-A0F5-9CDBBB8DC000.MOV
  8. Rocketdrive

    Scripted Layers?

    I like the idea of scriptable alot. Why not expand it to make Affinity Scriptable Everywhere? Opening access to all objects and creation methods would let people finally tweak and create their specialized tools and presets and shortcuts and take away pressure from devs, who could concentrate more on a solid core and care less about every special need that certain people have. Not that those are not important, au contraire, it is imperative to allow for more exotic solutions. Thats what many people like and need. Having a thriving third party developer community can be a big boost for software. 3dsmax was and is so strong because all sorts of specialized plugins helped expand the core for special needs. Blender is scriptable down to the bones, as are all major (3D) digital content creation packages. Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator have all some sort of API for scripting. This is a huge bonus for all. It would be gread if version 2.x of the Affinity suite opened up to dev access. Preferably with some sort of industry standard like Python (but don't take my word for it, I just read, but do not develop myself )
  9. Maybe we can agree that anythig should be assignable to a shortcut? I'd like to map brush presets, toggles (like protect alpha) or other paint/illustration related toggles and brush tweaks to keyboard shortcuts.
  10. Go check out Blender 2.8 alpha and Greasepencil. While I can totally understand the wish for a one-stop-shop (which may never happen), You can start building You own pipelines right now with the tools best suited. Look at the teaser below. The full tutorial ( $ on Gumroad ) from Jama Jurabaev explains a process that starts with 3D sketches in Blender and goes further in ... any painting app that You prefer, Photoshop in his case. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with him in any way, I just find this a very unique way of creating concepts and art.
  11. Dear Paolo, is there a brush chart for You "Pigmento" set?

  12. I'd like to see that, too. It is not terribly important, since I see more pressing ToDos, but would be nice to have in a future update.
  13. Totally agree. Temporary keys can be very useful. +1
  14. This is a funny one, because I've encountered it on other apps, too: Concepts, and also Procreate. If I am not totally wrong it started appearing after the brush tools got a boost, i.e. became a lot less laggy after the last bigger update. I gues that is predictive touch tech from Apple? Maybe that is related? Just speculating... Anyways maybe there are some timings that can be tweaked? I notice that if I perform the pinching/rotating slower it almost doesn't happen. But would be nice if I hadn't to slow down, right? I'll make a screen recording to better illustrate what is happening, and update this post.