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  1. Thanks Sean. Not sure how I can run the store version under Rosetta (if at all), but for now my client has decided with a different design, thank god I'll keep in mind that I can rasterize the problematic layers. Thanks!
  2. Thanks @Sean P, I just uploaded the file. In case it has any relevance: the file was originally a PDF exported by Safari to PDF, which I then opened for further editing in Designer.
  3. Hey there, I have a stubborn file here. It crashes Designer (as well as Publisher) whenever I go into the export dialogue AND choose PDF. The crash happens while the size is being estimated, I can't start the export itself. This is part of the error macOS spits out: Application Specific Information: Assertion failed: (sizeof(unsigned long)==SIZEOF_UNSIGNED_LONG), function pdf_TIFFClientOpen, file /Users/matt/mpriestley/Persona/Libraries/libpdflib/libs/tiff/tif_open.c, line 123. I am on macOS Big Sur 11.0.1, MBA with M1 chip, latest AD store version. Just in case, the same file does NOT crash the windows version of AD.
  4. @walt.farrell that definitely helps. @Affnity floating palettes hide parts of the Save dialogue, that would be nice if fixed
  5. Sure. I just was positively surprised that PureRef was pulling out images of any website when using drag and drop. And Affinity is just dropping in text
  6. It has been a while, and I have seen this as a request here and there. Please, consider adding this to the Mac version, for the sake of my sanity as well as for feature parity of the two platforms. With very seldom exceptions, I can't stand floating palettes and was really happy that, in Windows at least, I could snap and stack them horizontally, i.e. in columns that are part of the main window. Now that I am back on a Mac I'd love to finally see this resolved. In the Mac version, there is the one main column, and if I want two columns of palettes I end up with a couple of floating ones, which I can't stand.
  7. I just realized that I could use a canvas in Designer as a mood board, like PureRef. Unfortunately, drag and drop from a browser drops the link as text only, at least from Edge. May I suggest that the images are directly downloaded to the canvas instead, much like in PureRef? The real advantage would be that such mood boards would be file based, locally available as well as usable across platforms (Windows, Mac, iPadOS) with cloud syncing. What do You say?
  8. Yup, saving channels makes sense if I want to reuse them. But I am doing lots of quick, ephemeral selections and I can't judge the result as long as marching ants visually interfere, especially with complex selections. I hope we'll just get the "hide selection" button eventually.
  9. I discovered this has (very probably) nothing to do with my OS update, but is rather a condition that occurs when ICC profiles used in the document are missing. I submitted a bug report here.
  10. I stumbled upon an issue with ICC profiles. Not exactly a nasty bug, but an annoying condition that can lead to a frozen app and should be caught. In C:\Program Files\Affinity\Publisher\Resources\icc I had created a subfolder named "other" for all ICC profiles that I don't use. Opening a document that was created using one of those profiles causes two problems: color will look like the neon of the 80ies calling "Document Setup" from the menu will freeze Publisher I falsely attributed such an app lock to a recent OS update. But really, after putting back all ICC profiles into their original place, colors went back to normal and calling Document Setup worked as expected. My proposal would be to somehow detect documents that want to use a non-present color profile and let users decide what to do.
  11. Aw snap, just realized it's the wrong forum... Should really go under "Bugs".. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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