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  1. You expect 1 or 2 linux users in a coffee shop? So, since your coffee shop experience is a mathematical function of the number of Linux users out there, and considering the fact that you haven't seen one, this conversely and inevitably means that there is not one single Linux user anywhere in the world. --> Your mathematics doesn't seem very convincing to me.
  2. Here is one more vote for "Affinity for Linux", especially when it comes to Publisher. When I look at what's going on with Windows 11, I see one more good reason for me to switch to Linux, at the latest when Win 10 support will expire. However, there's mainly one thing keeping me "locked-in" so far: There's no Linux version of Affinity, and the range of DTP alternatives for Linux is terribly narrow. With Affinity running on Linux, it would be much easier to shut Windows down on my PCs finally. So, if Affinity and the penguin will become friends (I hope they will), keep a licence ready for me.
  3. I can confirm the reports about the "save" problem in 1.10. I couldn't determine a specific situation or action causing that problem. It's not reproducible, it seems to happen quite at random. It keeps happening erratically, sometimes after few minutes, sometimes after half an hour or after an hour. My workaround for the moment is pressing <Ctrl>-<S> every few moments in order to avoid losing too much work. At least I can continue editing the document when the error occurs, so I can copy texts I have changed meanwhile. I can also export the file to PDF. I ran into that error when I edited a document I had been working on in Publisher 1.9. I created a new file in 1.10 and copied some text and images from the 1.9 afpub to the new 1.10 afpub. I thought this might solve the problem but it didn't. For now I will go on with saving regularly. I hope there will be a fix soon, alternatively I'll go back to 1.9 which was working flawlessly. (Windows 10 21H1 Build 19043.1110, Core i5-6600, 8 GB RAM)
  4. I have just installed Publisher 1.9.0., and it seems the error doesn't occur anymore. Nice!
  5. Hi everyone! I ordered the Publisher Workbook late in the evening on Dec 5th. It took a while but finally it has arrived today. I'm in Vienna, Austria.
  6. Hello, I installed Publisher on Sunday for the first time. I created a document and wanted to enter some dummy text in two text frames. Here is what I did and what happened (and keeps happening): Create 1st text frame and enter text Create 2nd text frame Connect the frames (using the little triangle of the 1st frame) Click into 1st text frame and select all of the text (Ctrl-A or manually) Ctrl-C (You can also skip this step, Publisher will crash as well.) Press "End" key Publisher closes It doesn't make a difference whether I follow the steps above or whether I click the triangle of frame 1 first and create frame 2 afterwards. Publisher is installed on Windows 10 Home 20H2 (Build 19042.630).
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