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  1. I use both platforms, here's what I miss: Windows: a fullscreen mode, i.e. without window bar - or is it called title bar? The one that stretches over the whole app, but houses only the min, max and close buttons. Think of macOS's fullscreen mode, or fullscreen mode for webbrowsers (F11 in most modern browsers, on most platforms). Tabs must stay visible, though. Mac: multiple palette columns. We have them in the windows version, please add them for Macs, too. While I see that some users circumvent this limitation via the multiple windows mode (not sure this is the correct name), that is a no go for me. I prefer the more elegant monolithic, non-overlapping and watertight UIs
  2. My main usecase is illustration, as such I am a little picky when it comes to the brush engine and paint related stuff I used Photo for almost a year for most of the digital illustrations I did. Long story short: I found it suberb for finishing touches and compositing, as well as areas that I could create as vector shapes. But for actual drawing I switched back to other tools. Now I have no desire to bash, but would rather like to point out some areas that could improve the drawing experience a lot. Brush engine. It needs to become more fluid, and natural. Jittering needs to be addressed. Apple has nailed it with Predictive touch and Apple Pencil, and every app that relies on both. Adobe has nailed it with Photoshop and Wacom. I'd love to see Photo get there, too. In fact, Photo and Designer on iPad are much better for drawing than their desktop counterparts. Keyboard shortcuts. I'd love to see more flexibility here, at the cost of a more complex setup. Temporary hotkeys would be great, i.e. a function is active only as long as the key is being pressed. Like, hold "r" while dragging the pen could rotate the canvas. Or hold "s" and drag to change the brush size. Also, I would really need every function, toggle and widget in the UI to be configurable. Selection quality. Selected areas always look (and are) slightly jagged. It's not a biggie, but selection quality could be better.
  3. I, too, would love to have a user configurable, simple hotkey or other method for changing brush opacity and size on the fly. There are many best practices out there, Serif just needs to pick one: Sketchbook has an always visible widget, dragging within horizontally changes brush size, vertically: opacity Procreate has always visible sliders for both Photoshop has a hotkey combo Blender (which has many brush uses) has a hotkey ZBrush also has single hotkeys
  4. Hey there, I just tried to export a PDF from Designer. It took 17 minutes and was ... empty, at least in Preview as well as when imported to Photoshop. Would devs mind looking at the files? Designer file: 12000 x 1600 mm banner, CMYK at 300 dpi MacBook Pro 2016 nTB
  5. I found out that on Windows I can dock multiple columns side by side. I tried the same on my Mac, and it doesn't work. Is it me, or "by design"?
  6. HTML 5 based apps and Chrome OS are what comes to mind. Ideally, they don't care at all if the hardware underneath is a tablet, or a server, or anything in between. While not ripe yet for the type who needs his Photoshop, or Designer, it would totally make sense to me to have app packages that run on a lightweight, standardized abstraction layer, whatever it might be called.
  7. Great apps should be available on as many platforms as possible. Because only then will they reach as many great artists as possible. It has always bothered me that some apps work on PCs only, and others only on Macs. If they are cross platform often there is a preferred platform with tradeoffs on others. I hope that this will be over some day, rather sooner than later.
  8. I prefer seamless interfaces. Fortunately most DCC apps offer docking of palettes. There sure is a reason for the single column, but can we please get multiple columns for Affinity apps on macOS, too?
  9. Fortunately the particular printing company I am working with for my customers is tested and trusted with all kinds of PDFs I've thrown at them. But I guess You're right in many other cases.
  10. @Wosven never mind, it was actually a good hint. I just had tested the original file with AFPub, which took as long and produced a PDF as unuseable. After reading comments from You and @MickRose I reduced the dimensions to 4000 x 500 mm (a third). Export was a lot faster (around 2 min) and yielded a useable PDF with totally manageable 9 MB in Designer. I tried the same in Publisher, with exact the same results. So, thanks, guys.
  11. Thanks, @MickRose and @Wosven, for the hint. I honestly assumed that, contrary to working with DTP apps in the early 00's, nowadays I wouldn't have to bother with such size limits ;). But knowing them I'll find a solution.
  12. I just encountered some strange export quirks. The first screenshot is out of Publisher, the second is from the PDF. Definitely not what I want Oh and file sizes... We really need the PDFs to be smaller than the source files. Right now, the Publisher file is over 60 MB, and so is the PDF. Sorry to bring that up, but Indesign squishes that down to 4 MB, tops. That is the benchmark
  13. Rocketdrive

    Buggy PDF export

    Hi Sean, I must have deleted the file... Just checked but found .afdesign files only. Which means that I finished the job in Designer. I'll keep the bad boys next time for troubleshooting, though
  14. I just found that "Replace Document" doesn't do what it is supposed to for this scenario: I have a large Designer layout (a poster) I have an embedded document, also created in Designer (a beanie) I have an updated version of said beanie on my disk Selecting the object and pressing "Replace Document" lets me choose the updated file, but it doesn't actually update inside of Designer. No biggie, but I consider this unintended bahaviour and hence a bug. WIN 10 1809, AD
  15. Rocketdrive

    Embedded document not replaced by "Replace Document"

    Hi, Gabe, thanks for looking into it. Absolutely possible that it was just the one project file. I'll need to do more testing and will get back.
  16. Rocketdrive

    Double click on textframe handle causes freeze

    Thanks, Dan. I just bumped into such a freeze again. It worked like 5 times OK, and crashed when I started feeling confident that it always worked Looking forward to the next release.
  17. This happens sometimes in Designer: I double click on some of the handles of a textframe, which should fit the frame to the content. Instead of fitting, Designer freezes indefinitely and needs to be closed via taskmanager. Has anyone else experienced that?
  18. I tried linking a Designer file, but Publisher will always embed it. This is unintended behaviour IMO. Is that something that will be addressed in future updates? A dedicated pallette/list of all linked and embedded files is also needed to keep track in larger projects
  19. Dude, Your tone ... I already agreed with You, while pointing out an alternative. If my suggestion is not a thing for You that's fine, we agree to disagree. Maybe it is for someone else. This is a place for open discussion and You are not the one shutting people down. Nor am I. So let's keep it calm and friendly around here. Using tools for (motion) design constantly involves work-arounds and tricks. And hearing how people solve problems is just a lot more interesting.
  20. I totally see cases where having editable vectors would be nice. Been there, missed that, moved on. It's just that many posts sound as if there was no way to have Affinity assets in Motion. Which is not true, there is a way, and it is pretty straight forward, and it's totally fine for production. In many cases it doesn't matter at all if I import a vector or raster file. In the end, Motion will rasterize everything anyway.
  21. Alright, the "Resource Manager" is a good start, I never noticed it. Thanks @fde101 for pointing that out. Now I was able to change all files from "embedded" to "linked" via Resource Manager (RM). However: in the layer pallette they still show up as "embedded" the file size is unchanged: prior to linking it was around 70 MB, and is the same after linking. So, my question stays
  22. For assets that do not scale too much a solution that works just fine is to export them as layered PSDs. Motion should easily handle double or triple resolution assets. While I agree that vectors would be a more elegant approach, I've been successfully using exported layered PSDs and single PNGs in Motion for an animation project. What I'm saying is: there is a path from Affinity to Motion right now
  23. Rocketdrive

    Procedural textures

    Learning a few new tricks from time to time is a healthy thing I got used to nodes pretty quickly, and they are a better approach to solving many problems. They better describe the flow of information than stacked lists or layers and are also visually a lot more pleasing. I need to be honest, I got hooked on Fusion and do a lot of work in 3D apps. Most of them have such an elegant approach to complexity (including nodes, or other forms of procedural building tres), I have been wondering why the classic 2D content creation apps never adopted some of their tricks.
  24. A good DAM would finally let me see/preview any of my files on as many devices as possible. That includes not only 2D image files but also pre-rendered or realtime rendered 3D assests. And ideally not stop there but also support (via plugins) office documents, HTML files, of course PDFs and all text based files. Digital content creation is more than 2D image files, even if they make out a big part The DAM should play nice with cloud storage providers, work on at least Win, Mac, Android and iOS, and be nothing less than a better, visual file explorer for each OS. It should support plugins which can take care of rendering previews for more exotic files. It should have a nice and fast cache (independently synced catalog?) for thumbs and previews and play nice with any apps needed for actually editing the assets. I wouldn't mind if it had it's own set of basic (RAW) editing tools for images. It must let me see the original folder structure, but also support tags and standard metadata and let me build smart folders (based on tags or other properties). It needs a lightning fast search.
  25. I didn't find a setting for that, so I'd like to ask You to add it: I often need to see which exact brush I have currently selected. I have many of them, some similar by icon, but different in behaviour.