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  1. Yup, saving channels makes sense if I want to reuse them. But I am doing lots of quick, ephemeral selections and I can't judge the result as long as marching ants visually interfere, especially with complex selections. I hope we'll just get the "hide selection" button eventually.
  2. I discovered this has (very probably) nothing to do with my OS update, but is rather a condition that occurs when ICC profiles used in the document are missing. I submitted a bug report here.
  3. I stumbled upon an issue with ICC profiles. Not exactly a nasty bug, but an annoying condition that can lead to a frozen app and should be caught. In C:\Program Files\Affinity\Publisher\Resources\icc I had created a subfolder named "other" for all ICC profiles that I don't use. Opening a document that was created using one of those profiles causes two problems: color will look like the neon of the 80ies calling "Document Setup" from the menu will freeze Publisher I falsely attributed such an app lock to a recent OS update. But really, after putting back all ICC profiles into their original place, colors went back to normal and calling Document Setup worked as expected. My proposal would be to somehow detect documents that want to use a non-present color profile and let users decide what to do.
  4. Aw snap, just realized it's the wrong forum... Should really go under "Bugs".. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. Uninstalled Affinity Publisher, restarted, reinstalled AP. Solved the problem.
  6. Yesterday I updated Windows 10 to the latest version 2004. Today I was about to finish a print document for a client. I wanted to change the bleed settings in "File > Document Setup". It froze the app every time I tried that, and I had to force close it each time. This is what the Task Manager looks like right after a restart of the app. I tired resetting the app by holding down CTRL during startup. Did not fix the problem Trying a fresh install now. No, not Windows
  7. Walt You're right. I was assuming that one can copy/paste spreads between docs once the AD files are natively in AP. Your approach makes much more sense now. @Johnny Chin use the tools that work best for You. If You have Indesign and it does what You need then use it. Either way good luck with that project of Yours
  8. Opening Designer files in Publisher is already possible and what I suggested before. Artboards are converted in spreads/pages and elements are editable in Publisher.
  9. You could just try it. Opening the file effectively converts it to native publisher elements. Maybe Publisher will then handle it differently, maybe it will be easier. Can You specify what "reaches 5GB after 10 pages"? RAM? File size? What is Your physical output size in cm? You should optimize the images You use in the book to that output size. If, for example, the printed output size is 20 x 30 cm, a full page image shouldn't be bigger than 2360 x 3550 pixels. If the original is bigger, and You scale it down in Designer so that it fits, I guess that Designer will still keep the original, using more space than necessary.
  10. The message is displayed only for a moment, if You miss it You’re still clueless. A persistent identifier/icon or similar would help here.
  11. @Johnny Chin You can open a Designer file (.afdesign) with Publisher. If the file consists of artboards they will be converted to pages/spreads, if You wish so. Integration is very good, it is advisable to read through some tutorials and manuals in order to understand what is possible. I had my doubts about larger file size when I noticed they were larger than what I was used from Indesign. But in the real world, it hasn’t been a problem for my workflow.
  12. That's a start, @Paul Mudditt. Is it just me or would it be nicer to see that before committing a save?
  13. No. From the files screen, tapping on + leads to the screen where I can either import or open an existing file. 'Import' makes a copy. 'Open' opens the original file. Watch the video. affinity.MP4 You can't see the taps, but I first import, then open a file from Dropbox. I can't find an indicator to tell them apart. Saving the imported file will save it in a different folder on iCloud. Saving the opened file will overwrite the original. Knowing what will happen to which is important.
  14. Walt, I should have been clearer. I meant opening or importing an existing Affinity document into the app. Not an image into an existing file.
  15. I see that dragging files out of Affinity to the Photos app exports them as flattened images. However, quality/resolution of the exported image is very low. Is there a way to set quality and resolution to custom values?
  16. Once I import (=make working copy) or open (=edit original) an existing affinity file from the cloud: is there a way to tell which way it came into appAffinity? It makes quite a difference.
  17. Hi @DWright, I found this folder: AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Designer\1.0 (Store)\CrashReports But unfortunately there are no .dmp files inside. I have hidden and system files visible.
  18. System restore saves the day. [powerin' down, swingin' back to brunch]
  19. Doing a system restore right now. So annoying when You go from a perfectly tuned and working system to the rabbit hole that windows troubleshooting can be. Especially when, I’m pretty sure, it wasn’t me messing with the system
  20. In my experience all Affinity products are so damn well optimized for Macs You probably won't notice a difference on _those_ machines. I am just testing the base (13", 1.4 GHz) model MPB and Photo, like Designer, is super responsive with all of my files. In fact, it is much better than the specs on paper imply. Having said that, either 15" macbook You mentioned should do a stellar job with all Affinity products. Depending on Your needs You might trade more RAM and/or SSD for the fastest multi-core CPU.
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