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  1. Lotsa' bird choices here...your flora is appropriate. Have fun!
  2. Yes Dominik, we might add ( and emphasize) that via dragging it increments in whole numbers, holding Shift yields 10 times units and CTRL is tenths of units (ruler units.)
  3. Hi Arne, Looks good. I lived and worked in Hawaii and the only Toucans there are in the https://www.honoluluzoo.org/animals/toco-toucan/#1554430828602-0bbd8c86-9a4d. You might think about "Brazilian" shirts
  4. Click the crosshair symbol The 'crosshair' symbol will appear in selected photo center Drag from upper left corner to move origin You will see the crosshairs As you continue, crosshairs will go red/ green when centered
  5. Thank you, Paul. That was it! 👍 Don't know how I changed it.
  6. Icons display as B & W in Designer. Photo and Publisher are OK Edit: image removed
  7. More specific: https://thepluginsite.com/news/issues/mar2019.htm
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