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  1. I've been among the very first buyers of AD when it initially released a long time ago yet always had to go back to illustrator when trying to really get into it as there was always something that demanded me to workaround a habit that just was in my veins. I understand that you can't just copy everthing from a competitor's product in order to really stand out, but there just are some things, like a layer panel, the position of a tools palette, artboards, that can please mean very fundamental demands for how an application works or just feel like the most intuitive way to get to a solution. When I once upon a time requested here, that the pen-tool should be adjustable while drawing by hitting the spacebar to reajust a path on the fly, someone of the mods answered in a way like this wouldn't be necessary and is just a very individual request. Still they added it ever since and for me it's like one major thing that would keep me from drawing anything inside AD as its way more precise and faster than drawing a wrong shape and correct it later. Same thing is the case here. The lack of the isolation mode is a much bigger deal to me. The abiilty to click through nested and overlapping elements is nice, but far from a solution. You don't have to call it isolation mode, but it's not even something that only illustrator does. You can find it in Cinema 4D as well and why shouldn't you? It opens the possibility to really focus working on a detail, be quicker with selection or generally see how an element would look like a separate object on the fly. There are many reasons that make such a mode kinda crucial and it somehow hurts to see how great AD has grown especially with 1.8.1, yet still I couldn't just work as fluid as in other applications due to details like this one. Again — I do understand that you don't wanna be some (nicer looking) AI clone. But especially on smaller screens (like the iPad) this would help so much. So I really just can fall on my knees and pray for this implementation at some point.
  2. So after owning Affinity Designer for years now, I once again thought I'd give it a try to see if I can grow into that workflow to ditch Illustrator at least for my private stuff. And so far it's very promising. I started creating an isometric city with all kinds of bells and whistles but after there's a growing amount ofthings going on, I'm afraid it hurts more and more to work without the ability of isolating a layer or a group in a way that makes sense. And no, Alt-clicking the layer makes no sense. That might be nice for demonstrating something, but not for working on it. I do understand that creating an illustration software and then 90% of the time receive the feedback of doing something like the competition does it might be frustrating, but it's not like Illustrator invented isolation modes. I've seen this in all kinds of applications; Photoshop has something similar going on with Smart Objects and Cinema 4D also lets you just blend out everything to focus on your detail. And that's what it's about. It's totally worthless when everything jumps back at you as soon as you click anywhere on screen. That's not isolating something but a brief moment of spotlighting. Can also be nice to quickly check if there's anything inside a group that doesn't belong there, but isolating things is just as crucial to me (and looking at this thread to others as well) as it is to press space to move around. So please, please, please Serif put this on the list. As I noticed the past days, you already implemented so damn much I wanted to see, some of which I even requested here and some of which seemingly weren't as crucial to you but made a big deal for me, like the ability to hit Space while drawing bezier-points to readjust the position of the point on the fly (thank you I love you ) and this is a way bigger gamechanger and especially a partypooper if you're in the middle of a project, finding out more and more how important this is to you.
  3. I'm also raising my hand and beg you guys to include that option! When I did an Illustrator course years ago, one of the very first things I learned was how important it was to be able to select paths only by paths. It's important because so many times you would have something covering a path and you just don't wanna fiddle around finding out where you are allowed to click on. In Illustrator this allows a more focused way to work with paths. It needs you to get used to it as it's less convinient for a more casual approach, but it lets you work more precise. BUT in Affinity Designer there's at least a quite OK workaround this issue: switch to wireframe-view lets you work with all paths equally. I'd still love Serif to include the additional option to just select paths by clicking on the paths as it's really weird to go back to how it works now, once you're used to it. It's like it's totally cool that Serif included moving your pen-tool in the process of drawing by pressing space which is something they tried to argue wouldn't be necessary when people asked for it and now that it's there it's just a lifesaver once you got used to it.
  4. Hello, maybe I haven't digged myself enough through the tutorials yet, but I'm missing a feature to move a selection by 1 or 10 pixels into (maybe) the for main directions. Procreate has solved this quite elegantly and intuitive and another app (forgot which but I'm sure I saw it somewhere) just had some cursor-buttons at some place on the GUI.
  5. Hello, I really, really love Designer from the second I saw its announcement but having issues with one of the main functions: drawing vectors. I'm using a 1st Gen iPad Pro 12,9", newest iOS. Maybe it's a performance issue but: 1. Whenever I draw with the pen tool I really have problems placing points for my path. For instance I draw some structure like hair on a character, I place one point at one position and place the next point which then wouldn't react. It feels like when close to another point, chances are higher, that nothing would happen, but it also feels like there might be additionally some kind of lag going on. Like after some attempts of pushing wit the Apple Pencil at that position, it would at some random event finally place the point. 2. this behavior adds to the second issue: My path get's seemingly randomly closed. Like I'm drawing my shape and while drawing the path point by point it would finish drawing the path at some point and create a new path at another point. So it would look like a path, but consisting of more than one separate paths. These things happen on a completely blank layer, so I don't really think it has to do with performance as Designer generally seems to run very (surprisingly) good on this iPad Pro. But I will reboot, relaunch and try around a bit more, maybe I can fix something by that. It's a bit sad as I was so curious about a finally good path-drawing app on the iPad Pro and now I'm way more impressed about how useful the Pixel-persona is to me; Procreate start's sobbing. Anyone else had any of these issues? cheers, val
  6. As Unsplash.com has grown quite big up to a point that actually lets you search for specific terms and even find something, I'd love to see it integrated into the Stocks-panel of AP. Why unsplash? Because it would be the only image archive offering license-free images only that you can still use commercially. wouldn't it be nice, thanks guys! ;)
  7. Hi folks; maybe this already exists somewhere and I wasn't able to find it by now, if not, then consider this to be a request: When I'm drawing something inside Illustrator, I can hit SPACEBAR to readjust the position of my point or shape as I'm drawing. This was one of the first things I missed when trying out Affinity. It's not like drawing a point, hitting a, changing its position and then continue drawing would be such a bug deal, but that Spacebar-thing really helps getting into Hyperflowmode. Something that AD is usually quite good at :) So keep it coming guys, cheers
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