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  1. After hitting the tab key and switch UI to hide tools, and then, close the Designer, all the tools - tools, toolbar, studio panels, are set to off/hide when you re-open the Designer. Hitting the tab key won't make the tools and panels come back. When this happens, you have to go through each settings under "View / 表示" to show them. I tried it on Photo and same thing happens. It is fairly a minor issue, but somehow annoying. I hope this gets fixed! Affinity Designer/Photo 1.7.2 macOS 10.14.6 (Japanese) MacBook Pro 2018 Thank you always for your support!! Much appreciated.
  2. Great! Thank you very much for looking into it. I am glad you could replicate it, and it is now with the developers!
  3. Please see another video with the keyboard input and an explanation for the same issue. setumei-1.mp4
  4. Japanese text repeats after entering punctuation like "。" or "」" and finalize the input, if it is entered in combination with characters (Hiragana) without any conversions to Kanji or Katakana. Please see the screen capture movie attached for a reference. It looks like it is fixed in Affinity Photo Beta, so it will probably be fixed in future Publisher releases. But just in case it gets missed! Publisher Beta MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2018) with Japanese keyboard macOS 10.14.6 I hope this helps! publisher-beta-
  5. @Patrick Connor Thank you for welcoming me and for a quick attention to this! Looking forward to the fix on the next release By the way, I love Affinity Suites and looking forward to seeing the user base in Japan and the world grow!
  6. It is fairly minor, but I thought I should let someone know of this "bug". When you look at "About Publisher..." under "Affinity Publisher" menu on the Mac menu bar, it says "About Affinity Designer...". When you click on it, it shows the dialog for the Publisher (see the attached image). I am using the Japanese version of macOS and Affinity Publisher. Publisher version: 1.7.1 OS: macOS Mojave 10.14.5 Hope it helps...
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