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  1. I see no such thing in the UI. Before you go and tell me, they need to be turned on - I am 100% certain that's the answer, but I shouldn't be expected to chase such things in the menus. (And then I checked in Layer and View and saw no "Layer manager" or "Channel" whatever...) Again, I see no such thing in the UI. You know the answer. I know the answer. Why doesn't the app know the answer? This is not a "machine learning" answer. (Also that is merely an annoyance, i.e. a room for enhancement.) Imagine you're the app... "Hm, there's no open document and this guy
  2. Hello Paul I have pretty much zero experience with Photoshop (Illustrator tiny bit)
  3. I have realized this few weeks ago: I purchased Photo (and Designer) few years ago yet I use it pretty much never. (One might say I am an ideal customer.) The reason being I can't do *hit in it. I suspected (and still kinda do) I have way too little patience and I didn't blame the application, thinking "it is for people who use it professionally" instead. But recently I shared this impression with a friend of mine, who has CGI (3d mostly) as a job, and he laughed and said he's the same story: purchased Affinity Photo but couldn't befriend it. I am not a professional myself. Usually I
  4. Using the Rectangular marquee Tool [M] I have created a selection, and now I want to move it around, resize it, etc. How do you do that? At first Moving Tool [V] looks promising but does not help at all. Cheers
  5. Hello Please, consider adding something like Unified Command Menu (Chrome Developer Tools), Command Palette (Sublime Text) or Actions (Idea) This feels like something every application should have. Hit the shortcut, menu pops up, start typing, fuzzy logic based algorithm shows matching commands or application options/settings, hit Enter, command/action gets executed or a proper dialog is invoked. Cheers Jarda
  6. Kickstarter please! If I reboot to Windows now I am going to use Paint.NET. (Yes, my task is rather trivial.) I would pay $50 the Affinity Photowhatever this very minute, if there was a version for Linux. P.S.: I hate Gimp, I don't wanna hear of it ever again, I hope it is dead by now.
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