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    PDF photo-color issue

    Thanks, Chris, for your quick response. I can certainly upload the pdf. May I send it to you confidentially because it's a book proof? I'm almost certain that the original PDF was created in Adobe InDesign, if that helps.
  2. I just downloaded Affinity Publisher BETA; it was previously unknown to me. So, it's my first day with it. I'm not yet as savvy as some of you, but I did use Serif's previous publisher software (PagePlus X8), so I image my transition should be somewhat easy. Serif does makes intuitive products. First thing I did was I opened a pdf book proof to see if it would have editability in AP. Some of the illustrations opened in full RGB color, but some opened as "negatives." I closed the file, then reopened it - same thing. I closed AP, then reopened it - same thing. Bug, or me?
  3. Dittos to Misc33's issue. Thanks, Misc33, for the workaround (i.e., Arrange, up/down). I've restarted AD, and am still experiencing the problem. I thought perhaps I inadvertently did something that locked up the Layers panel in this particular project, so I opened up older AD projects. The layers won't move in them either. At least I can keep moving using the Layer - Arrange option.

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