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  1. But what is the point that superscript buttons are available if almost no character in the font supports them. Why is the computed superscript not the standard and the "natural" non existing one hidden somewhere?
  2. Moreover, I do not understand why superscript is possible for the "2" but not for the "3" as seen in the video. Makes no sense to me. Furthermore, I used arial in this example which is one of the most common fonts... EDIT: I just tried it out for a few different fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, Helvetica. Only about 1-5% of all characters show the ability for sub- or superscripting. Unfortunately it is not obvious in advance what happens if one presses the buttons. Therefore, I think both buttons are generally useless in my opinion.
  3. Hey everyone, I think I found a bug with the sub- and superscript system. Within my textfield, superscript is only available for some of the characters. Subscript was not possible at all. Please check the attached video for more information. Greetings
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