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  1. Hello, I have a problem (mentioned in other topics but wish to be here) under OSX 10.14.6 software on MBP 2013 (with discrete GT750M) topaz ai plugins - Denoise AI and Sharpen AI (all latest versions) do not work if started from Affinity Photo 1.7.2 standalone they both work fine I have tried: 1) fresh instal of Topaz plugins 2) reset of AP preferences 3) different ways to select preferences path (with /Contents folder path and without) 4) exclude *.plugin from app to separate folder and authorise this folder NO result plugin starts but nothing happens if i move sliders and process image also if i disable GPU in plugin preferences - plugin crashes started from AP and works as normal standalone also i have another PC (win10) with AP and same Topaz AI plugins and everything works fine there please, help thanks!
  2. I have exactly the same problem also I have tried to change path (pic2) - no way - plugin loads and nothing happens Mojave AP 1.7.2
  3. separate plugin located inside resource folder (finder-applications-plugin appp-show package contents) even if removed to separate folder this plugin still visible in AP but nothing happens when you open it and move sliders
  4. Also I just found that Topaz plugin crash occurs in AP if under plugin preferences disable discrete GPU
  5. exactly same problem (Sharpen AI + Denoise AI), interface starts and no changes occurs during move of sliders (with auto and manual preview) except "add grain" standalone versions however work fine OSX 10.14.6 / AP 1.7.2 / Topaz 1.4.4 1.3.2
  6. same problem and fixed same way, many thanks!
  7. Ok, thanks! I now understand that IOS app working based on apple core image raw engine
  8. here is my sample files Thanks! CF047714.IIQ CF047842.IIQ CF047749.IIQ Iam using ipad pro 12.9 1st gen
  9. phase one iiq files not processed - black screen, while aplle raw engine supports phase one cameras. also iiq extension opens well on photoshop express on ipad can it be resolved? thanks
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