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  1. Chris: I copied your setup but it still showed all the individual pages as landscape. Perhaps I didn't explain my setup properly. The booklet I produce is printed on 4 sheets of A4, printed on both sides, which makes 8 pages, then folded in half to produce 16 A5 pages. In Page Plus, this can be set up very simply using the dialog box as per attached screen shot. The diagram in the box shows how the booklet will look (although it does not show all the pages). In Affinity Publisher, it is a much more laborious process.
  2. This seems to be a more complex task than it was with Page Plus. With Page Plus, there is a Straight Line Tool on the main toolbar. Once you have drawn a line, you can set the style as a default, so next time you want to draw a straight line 2 points, with straight ends (a really simple line) you just click the tool and draw the line. Also if you want a line at an angle, there are several set angles to use - not just 45 degrees. Could we not have such ease-of-use in Affinity Publisher?
  3. As a Page Plus user for many years, I find it easy in Page Plus to set up a document to be printed on A4 paper, but with A5 pages. You simply click File, Publication Setup - and you get a clear dialog box with diagrams of Booklets, or Folder Publications, or many other layouts. With Affinity Publisher I cannot see how to set up a Side Fold Booklet on A4 paper with A5 pages. Can you advise please?
  4. Have Serif any plans for a replacement for Movie Plus? I am a satisfied user of Movie Plus, which I may one day have to replace as technology moves on and would like to see another Serif product which is even better. It is extremely responsive, and sufficiently feature-rich to keep me happy. I recently downloaded a competing product from a European company and it is awful - slow responses, poor range of transitions, no fancy titling styles - just not worthy of consideration. So please, Serif, bring back Movie Plus!! My recent YouTube Videos (same ID as this forum) are all made with Movie Plus.
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