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  1. thank you, I always work from a RAW file with the Assistant set to 32bit output ......... I was reading something this morning that even some Photoshop tools do not work in 32bit. I only started using the dodge and burn tools a little while ago and noticed the difference when I was explaining the dodge and burn tools settings to a friend
  2. Hi, Humour me ..... In the Develop Assistant change the RAW output format to 32bit from 16bit and try again cheers
  3. Hi Chris, Found the problem ....... Dodge and Burn not working in 32bit ROMM RGB ..... I changed to 16bit ROMM RGB and the tools work ... also in 8bit ROMM RGB they are working. Is this a bug !!!! cheers Colin
  4. Hi again I just finished installing Photo on my old 2011 iMac using High Sierra and ran the same test ......... the Dodge and Burn tools are working fine ...... This appears to be a problem with the last update ........
  5. Hi again, I have Affinity Photo on my iPad and duplicated the above adjustments .... you can clearly see the tools work on the iPad and I do not need to identify them like I did prior.
  6. Hello and thank you for the speedy replies I am running Catalina 10.15.7 on a Mac and Affinity Photo 1.9.3 from the Affinity Store ...... Sending a screen shot ..... let me know if you need more
  7. Hi there, The Dodge and Burn tools do not appear to be working. The Highlights Midtones and Shadows selections in the contex tool bar are not making changes, they are all doing the same thing ......... hope I am not missing something here :)
  8. Hi James, speedy response, your explanations help thank you. In answer to your question, I have done some exposure bracketing and have used the New HDR Merge feature a few times. I have always left the option in the panel checked for "Tone Map HDR image" I have never used the 32 bit preview panel before, so that panel is completely new to me :) Once again cheers Colin
  9. Hi there, I am trying to understand the purpose of the 32 bit preview panel in the Develop Persona. When I make an adjustment to the exposure or gamma in the 32 bit preview panel and then commit the develop button, it records those adjustments in the Photo Persona. Below is from the help menu: it states that they are non-destructive. A little confused !!!! Seams to me they are an adjustment and not a preview. "The Preview Exposure and Preview Gamma options are non-destructive and only alter the presentation to screen, they do not affect the document's exposure or gamma. If yo
  10. I went to the Export Persona and managed to create a preset in that panel. ..... That preset is visible in the Photo Persona ...... A work-around for now perhaps :)
  11. I also can not create an export preset, "Manage Presets" is greyed out
  12. hi there, Scrubby zoom not working in Photo. the slider does not work. cheers
  13. Hi Chris, try this one, I found it in my backups. I produced a copy of this file with no history and it is 259 mb cheers hope this helps Colin ps. would love to see clipping markers in the Photo Persona, like the ones in the Develop Persona, my eyes are not what they used to be :) I use them all the time. COLIN13.afphoto
  14. I found my problem. I had saved history on a file that amounted to 2.18gb in size. I unchecked save history and resaved the same file and the size is now 581mb.
  15. Hi there, when I scroll history on an af.file it is crashing Photo cheers for any help
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