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  1. Hi there, Not only is developing an image very slow, I also noticed that with Metal Compute the clipping indicators do not work. When I adjust an image by opening up the exposure the image starts to become transparent. and the colour overlays are not present. After unchecking Metal compute all is ok. BTW I am now at 15 seconds on opening a RAW file from an Nikon D750 on this laptop and my Mac Desktop. After developing and committing to the Pixel Persona it is taking about the same as opening a file ... 15 seconds !!!!! Macbook Air. 13in mid 2012 1.8 GHz Intel Core i5 Intel HD graphics 4000 1536 MB
  2. BTW. High Sierra 10.13.6
  3. I have to add my findings also, I have noticed since updating to 1.7 that developing a raw file from a Nikon D750 is taking twice as long on my iMac mid 2011, 3.4 GHz i7 with 16gb of DDR3 than the previous version. After making a few alterations with the develop sliders in the Develop Persona and committing the change, its almost like the process is hanging up ready to fail prior to the file opening up in the Photo Persona. On another note. Congratulations on the Tutorials in Photo, Designer and Publisher ( I have preordered Publisher ) The tutorials are now easier to locate from the help menu, thank you great job on presentations
  4. Colin red

    page numbers

    Jmwellborn confession.....your instructions per the video are correct......and yes hard to catch........ However when adding page numbers to a 2 page spread as opposed to a single page spread would you not think that the process should automatically number all pages without the need for duplicating to the other facing pages. Evidently this is not a bug but perhaps hopefully in a future rendition of the app something that could be improved on. Thank you in advance Affinity team :) Red
  5. Colin red

    page numbers

    Hi We should not have to make workarounds after all this a Beta. I followed the instructions per the official Affinity video. So I respectively ask for an Affinity Program Person to step in on this conversation and have the matter checked. I would think that is fair to ask. Thankyou
  6. Colin red

    page numbers

    Hi Bruce, I am using "Text > Insert > Fields > Page Number " and I have applied the "Master Page Setting" ........... I am NOT using the "Fields Studio" I normally try to use the "Facing Page Setup". But I have just checked using "Single Page Setup" and that appears to working fine. Perhaps the "Facing Pages Setup" is a problem I am on a Mac using .......High Sierra version 10.13.6 thanks for your reply
  7. Colin red

    page numbers

    Hi there not sure if this has been addressed ............. when I propagate page numbers the numbers only show up on even numbers, even after selecting all pages ........... I think this is a bug !!! Also, when I go to the tutorials they do not seem to be updated to the current version. Red
  8. Colin red

    Master Pages ???

    Hi MEB, in addition I just noticed that even though I use a preset with the check mark unselected for creating Master Pages, it still defaults to generating a Master Page when using the preset
  9. Colin red

    Master Pages ???

    ok got it thanks "blind as a bat"
  10. Colin red

    Master Pages ???

    Hi MEB thanks for the fast reply, Where is that setting option located please, I do not see it !!!!!!
  11. Colin red

    Master Pages ???

    Hi there When I watch the tutorial on creating a new document, the video gives the option of setting up a Master Page after creating the new document. In my case the Master Page is being generated automatically when creating a new document. not sure if this has been reported, thanks
  12. Hi there When setting up a new document in the "web selection" or "photo selection" and "device selection" the check mark for the page orientation sometimes appears backward
  13. Hi there, I am completely shocked that after waiting all this time for Publisher after the initial announcement of Affinity Publisher that it is only good for physical books. The inability of Publisher not able to create links especial in a contents page is just plain nuts. I am not a huge fan of ebooks but Pdf's with working links to pages or to outside internet pages is really important. I am sorry guys you missed the boat in my opinion. I can create Pdf's with workable links in Apples "Keynote" ........... I have purchased Designer, Photo, and the two books that accompany those apps. I can not consciously spend any amount for this product when I can get the same results with "Keynote" with respect Colin
  14. Colin red

    href links

    Hi there, Not sure if this reqest falls under "Export slices previews with actual export data" ....I would like to suggest if possible the ability to add links to elements within a project destined for the web. The chance to do this would be amazing when exporting out a project as SVG. This would be a great time saver.
  15. Colin red

    crash in designer when changing colour

    thank you, hopefully a fix soon,