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  1. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature request, so please forgive me. When you select multiple image layers and then you right+click to rasterize them, it should rasterize all selected image layers. Instead it only rasterize the first layer you picked in the selection. (see attached).
  2. It does affect the bounds in some way. Attached is one of the examples where it affects the bounding box of a group. To replicate it, unskew an italic text by skewing it (or create a parallelogram and then skew it to be square) and you will see that it keeps its old bounding box, even though there isn't part of the object in that space. I hope this better explains it.
  3. Can we have the option to make the Cycle Selection Box/Reset Bounding Box stick, or be permanent? As of now, Designer lets you reset the bounding box via the Cycle Selection Box button. However, when you click out of the object and then click back to it, the bounding box returns to it's non-rectangular shape. Can we make the rectangular shaped bounding box stick, so that even re-selecting the object will retain the bounding box reset. It could be reset permanently, losing the old transformed bounding box. Or switchable, when the button is on every bounding box is rectangular and when the button is off, everything retains its transformed bounding box. For example, when you skew a square and then rotate it, you end up with an odd shaped transformation/bounding box. Which then makes it awkward to align. It also, sometimes, creates a weird space on grouped objects. Thank you and have a wonderful day.
  4. When you do a clone via ALT+dragging an object and then pressing undo, will undo the move but does not undo the cloning. So it's easy to miss that you now have a clone on top of the original. *** I'm using Designer