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  1. Hi I wanted to ask if such thing is getting on iOS 13's iPad version. it would help if I could see with an indicator that which file is from cloud or from iPad or app itself. I'm tired of saving all files in a folder and relocating them later to the cloud. id also want if I could share the original affinity file via the app itself instead of saving it in files and sharing from there.
  2. yes, its hit and miss sometimes, I upload successfully on a device and it says downloads successfully on other devices but somehow I can't open them saying this error on some devices, for example I upload on device A one drive and it says upload successful , I go to device B and it downloads successfully I can open. but I go to device C and while it says it downloads successfully like device B but when I open it gives me this error. this issue seems to only persist on one drive cause since I changed to mega and box, this issue is resolved
  3. Hi files uploaded in onedrive on other devices (windows) wont open when downloaded on mac. it shows this error:
  4. Im actually curious if this could be replicated with a workaround ... maybe creating circles with 100 to 0 opacity radial gradients? if anyone know?
  5. Precisely, Thats the issue
  6. +1 on this, can't believe with such a well thought out app and the potential designer has, doesn't have some extremely basic features like this one. I would totally be using this app all the time if it could just do dwg imports and my life would have been so much easier... shame... any workaround? anyone?