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  1. The fastest way for me to switch design apps for a newsletter to Publisher would seem to be to import a .pdf as a template. Unfortunately, each line of text (delineated by a CR) is its own boxed element. Is there any way to join separate, boxed line together so that they become hole paragraphs? (I'll also comment that I'm surprised to still see this Forum jumbling discussions of all three of their apps together, instead of creating a sub-forum for each. Tags is a poor work-around.) mirabeau
  2. In the email announcement of the Publisher Sneak Preview, there was an offer of a free set of paint brushes for Photo (DAUB brush pack). Was that strictly for those who bought the app from the Affinity store or is it also available to those who bought through Apple's App Store? TIA
  3. … to those pertaining to Photo (the one app I have). The Forum index will be less cluttered. (Yes, I did search before I posted.) Maybe this site needs to have separate forums for Photo and Designer.
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