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  1. I have closed Publisher, launched both Designer and Photo, reopened Publisher and now everything works fine on Mac (all apps updated to 1.7.1 version).
  2. Yes, ambiroa, following Italian law it is the same. I just sent an email to the address suggested by Lee.
  3. Thanks for the reply, Moscool, but following Italian laws, I need an invoice completed with VAT number.
  4. I would like to purchase Designer Workbook for my office, but I need to receive an invoice complete of VAT number (my VAT number). In the provided form is not possible to fill with my VAT number. How is possible to receive a compete invoice? Thaks in advance for your reply.
  5. achilles177

    Architectural axonometric illustration

    We make architectural drawings in Autocad, then we export PDF files to AD.
  6. achilles177

    Architectural axonometric illustration

    Thank you very much for your appreciation, MEB. Actually it was not so difficult to manage, but I'm sure it will be easier when symbols will be introduced in official releases. It was a group design: here at the office, everyone love Affinity apps.
  7. An entry design for an architectural competition. The illustration was made in AD, with some texture tweaks in AP. The whole project is here.
  8. achilles177

    Can't export as PDF

    I have the same error when trying to export as flatten PDF
  9. Yes, maybe I can understand the issue. I don't think I can send you the font for more precise evaluations, since it is a licensed font. Anyway, it would be very useful to use it in Affinity, especially looking forward to Affinity Publisher...
  10. Hi dave, it didn't work with Chartwell font. The option seems locked.
  11. It would be useful to introduce more advanced features, like Discretionary Ligatures that could be useful with fonts like Chartwell. https://www.fontfont.com/how-to-use-ff-chartwell
  12. achilles177

    Big sizes exporting issues

    Hi guys, any news?
  13. achilles177

    Slowing down when selecting texts

    I found the problem: too much fonts installed in my library. I removed a lot of unused fonts, leaving only system fonts and some others I often use, and now AD works perfectly.

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