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  1. Hello, Unfortunately the forum search feature does not allow my to search for less than 4 character search terms, so 'iOS' is out of the question. Does the program offers any sort of 'automatic' (if you will) export functions/features for iOS icon designs? Eg, automatically export files with the various required iOS icon sizes? Thanks.
  2. otyyto

    Dark UI - Light UI

    Ok, thanks for the info!
  3. Hello, Is there an option to switch to Light UI colors? I have not purchased a program yet, I can't find a demo, so it's hard to tell what the program has to offer. I bought Pixelmator a while back and I HATE it's dark UI. It's just plain horrible. So I don't want to end up with another software where the contrast is not good enough between UI icons/text and I have a hard time seeing it. If there's no such an option, hope you guys will consider it.
  4. I can't seem to find it. Anyone could please post a link to it? Thanks.

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