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  1. Hello, Unfortunately the forum search feature does not allow my to search for less than 4 character search terms, so 'iOS' is out of the question. Does the program offers any sort of 'automatic' (if you will) export functions/features for iOS icon designs? Eg, automatically export files with the various required iOS icon sizes? Thanks.
  2. Ok, thanks for the info!
  3. Hello, Is there an option to switch to Light UI colors? I have not purchased a program yet, I can't find a demo, so it's hard to tell what the program has to offer. I bought Pixelmator a while back and I HATE it's dark UI. It's just plain horrible. So I don't want to end up with another software where the contrast is not good enough between UI icons/text and I have a hard time seeing it. If there's no such an option, hope you guys will consider it.
  4. I can't seem to find it. Anyone could please post a link to it? Thanks.