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  1. Regarding DNG's apparent slow loading times on Windows in particular i will try to reproduce this here and add a new report/log it if necessary.Thank you all for your feedback. Hi MEB In latest Beta ( when I open the quarrelsome 50MB Pentax K-1 RAW I get the following times. Multiple openings of the same file will result in different loading times. 1st opening = 25sec 2nd = 23sec 3rd = 21sec 4th = 20sec. After the 4th opening, time does not improve anymore. However, since one tends to open any RAW file always only once to begin with the 5sec improvement through multiple openings presents no benefit. Just for comparison, PhotoShop CS6 (Win) loads the same file into Camera Raw where basic adjustments are made like, Exposure, Contrast, Highlight, Shadow and so on and so forth in 4sec. and after that to open the image full size to appear on screen (fit to screen) in 6 sec. It does not seem to make any difference whether adjustments were made in Camera Raw or not. So we are talking a total of 10sec. (approx.)
  2. Thanks MEB I suspected and said so in one of my earlier post that the holiday season may be to blame for the lack of response. Your above response is all I needed to hear to put my mind at ease. At least now I know the problem is known/recognized. I can wait. APh is still young and growing sooner or later it will be fixed, I am sure.
  3. For reference I just opened a 30.9MB shot in camera DNG from my Pentax K3 in 6 seconds in Photo 1.5.1. Late 2013 iMac i7 3.5 GHZ, 16GB Ram, 3TB Fusion Drive Thanks for the info. I suspect Mac computers may well achieve this, because Affinity has its roots there. But I work with Win 7. Affinity may still not be as proficient in the Windows environment. I don't know, no put down intended.
  4. ...can you upload one here (or provide a link to one, if too big to upload) Excuse my ignorance, but this is the first time I am participating in any forum and I have no clue how to upload a 50MB file for general use. If you could point me to the right direction I would be grateful. And don't forget I am not familiar with Macs I am a Win user.
  5. Thanks for replying. You mean to say the response I received: "Seems to be opening just fine for me, this could be an issue with your PC spec considering it takes a long time to open for you and a matter of seconds for me." is all the support I can expect ? with respect, the ball is in your court ! I would assume your techies would give it at least some attention before it becomes too difficult and give up, but we have not yet reached that state yet. "it could be some piece of software running in the background that doesn't play well with Affinity" While I am not an expert, I have been working with computers long enough to understand this, that is why (and I told you so) I have run APh on three different machines two of which are Win 10 and one of those is a new installation, a pristine computer. Also by now I assume it would be known to you which programs are most likely not to play well with APh for Windows. I have not even received any suggestions what to possible look out for. If your techies, who are "intimately" know the ins and outs of APh don't have a hunch where can I start to look. I need a bit of guidance in this respect. If you tell me I am expecting too much, just tell me. Then at least I know where I stand and I keep APh in abeyance and see if things change over time before I ditch it.
  6. And yet my problem has remained unanswered, no "techie" wants to know me. Either there is no answer and they think the problem will go away if it is ignored or else I have fallen out of favor for some reason. I don't know which. (I have read back all my posts and I can't see where I have bee obnoxious)
  7. When you edit a RAW file (no matter which camera generated it) you actually never change the RAW itself. To my knowledge there is no program anywhere which will overwrite a RAW file. You can't write to it. It always has to be saved in some other format.
  8. Hi Gary I don't wish to be offensive or unreasonable but with due respect I don't think you can expect any sort of answer from Affinety soon. I have posted a query about this on the 19th Dec. last year and still had no usable feedback from Affinity. Only response was, after providing a DNG file on request, that a moderator was able to load my file in "a matter of seconds" and "this could be an issue with your PC spec". My Win 7 / 64 has similar specs like yours except it has 36GB ram. Look here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/32112-open-dng-file/ However subsequent queries of mine remained unanswered. It would be nice to at least get an acknowledgement one way or another to indicate that Affinity know/don't know about this. But to ignore an important issue like this one when other people seem to have the same problem, I don't think is fair. All it needs is an answer: "Yes we are aware of this (or we are not) and we are working on it" and I would be happy to wait, but as it is at the moment I have no idea whether I should carry on with APh.
  9. I think I can see why or how there is a little bit of frustration generated here. Windows convention has always been to close anything down by hitting the "X" at the upper right. Old time Windows users have developed a certain muscle memory and when they want to close something down that's what they go for. (Including myself) Hitting the upper right "X" one is being chased around the screen, from upper right to the middle to the upper left and back to the middle of the screen. Of course to avoid all this just go to the upper left and hit "Cancel" but yet one has to go back to the middle of the screen for confirmation. So it is not as perfect as it otherwise could be. It would be nice if all this could be done without being chased around the screen, namely to do this from one single fly-out. Really not a big deal I must admit. But it does require to re-train your muscle memory though. Ideally this should or could be done out of the same fly-out. (or position where the fl-out happens to be located). It would beautifully streamline interaction with the computer and would make work a pleasure not to mention reducing the chance of RSI. ;) Not being a programmer, it may be difficult to achieve. But I was under the impression Windows is providing the underlying "scaffolding" to do this. Am I too simplistic in my thinking ?
  10. I am a bit surprised though how silent Affinity is about the issue.
  11. I tested My Pentax K-3 (APS-C) DNGs (approx. 29,000KB) and they take 22 seconds to open. Opening the same DNG multiple times progressively shortens the time down to 12 seconds. Closing down APh and the computer and then start again with the same DNG the loading time starts again at 22 seconds. The same can be observed when I load DNGs ex my Pentax K-1 (approx. 50.000KB) So obviously cache performance is at play here.
  12. Launching APh is slow, there is now doubt about it but it doesn't worry me. I can live with it. However loading a DNG image into memory, manifestly, take too long. Once it is loaded the speed of manipulation is acceptable, it doesn't run the pants off a Kangaroo, but it is acceptable. I also understand APh is a work in progress so I am sure it will get better. I certainly hope so. I have now tested my DNG image loading times on three different Win 10 and 7 machines with top resources and all take at least 28 seconds to get into memory. Unless this comes down by half at the very least I won't be able to work with APh. Maybe one day, I'll keep an eye out for it.
  13. Not necessarily, it is easy to open a file by mistake, I have done it many times. :o
  14. Thanks for your response. I am totally mystified. I have changed a Pentax K-1 50,000KB DNG and converted it into a TIF file which now is some 106,000KB and AP loads this file in exactly 5 seconds ! So, it appears not to be the size of the file per se. From this I can only deduce that AP does not like a Pentax generated DNG. But then again, I have put this Pentax DNG through the "Adobe RAW Converter" which changes the file to a more globally accepted format (as Adobe puts it) but even this converted file takes 30 sec to load. Moderator JFisher requested a Pentax K-1 sample DNG file which I have uploaded to him and he reports it loads on his computer in only seconds. But I can't find out anything more about it because JFisher does not communicate with me anymore. I don't know why, maybe he is on holiday. (I don't think I have offended him.)
  15. Thanks for the reply. ...you might be using 4 shift variant version of the DNG... Negative, DNG files are copied from the Pentax K-1 to an SSD drive on my computer and are typically 45,000 to 50,000 KB in size. The same files open in PS CS6 in 7 seconds
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