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  1. Hi, please find attached the system info from the NVIDIA panel. What happened? I moved a large number of pixel graphics in my file to a different place. The canvas is about 6000x3000. Affinity (latest edition) frooze every time I did that. Once openGL was off all worked normal. Hope this helps Fran NVIDIA System Information 06-25-2021 10-03-38.txt
  2. F.CK! F.CK! F.CK! Pardon me swearing, but I lost just over 6 hours trying to do something which normally should take an hour due to this!!! WHY IS SERIF NOT INFORMING THEIR CUSTOMERS ABOUT SUCH AN ISSUE? I mean you guys & gals created a great piece of software, really, but this should be really an issue high up on the list of things to make your clients aware of or to be fixed. I am running a very powerful machine (AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16-Core Processor 3.49 GHz, 64GB Ram, NVIDIA 2070 Super Refresh) and my machine kept endlessly crashing. Switch off OpenGL acceleration and all is well. Might be better to have that switched off by default.
  3. Thanks everyone, I'll proceed with a better scan & than try a coloring site. Carl, did you use one of those, can you recommend one?? If yes, which one did you use, that looks already very nice. Thank you!
  4. Hi, I am trying to fix an old image of my grandma which already died in the 1960ies. Unfortunately I never met her. I have only one picture of her and tried to give her back some skincolour, but so far without success. Is there anyone who has an idea how to approach this in Affinity Photo? Btw. While she is reasonably young on the photo, it should be mentioned, that her hair was actually really white or almost white with a tiny (!) hint of dark blonde despite her age. Maybe someone knows how to do this and share their know how? That would be so nice. Thank you!
  5. Hi, I have a photo of the interior of a room & need to change out some of the artwork hanging on a wall. Changing the art out for a different picture is the easy part. Here comes the tricky part. Whats the fastest and easiest method to fake some reflections onto the picture (like a glas covering the picture)? The reflections do not need to reflect to 100% the actual interior, but give the impression that there is some sort of reflection giving that glass cover impression. Whats the workflow to use? Fast and efficient workflow is preferred, as I have quite a few images where this needs to be done. I am aware that this is unlikely to be a one touch option Thanks for your suggestions.
  6. @hanshab While this all holds totally true for a photographer its a different issue if you work for concept art and advertising. In this case we rarely care about the original photo situation. Its not important, what is important in this case is that it looks cool and with a different sky or other content it might fit much better to the campaign or product to be complemented by it. So if we can swap things fast and get the needed result fast, thats what pays our bills. @Ron P. Thanks for the info. Why should adding AI make AP so much more expensive? Luminar is in about the same price range. So, if AP would add it, it would be the better of two options at about close to the same price. As they are both not hugely expensive, I did in the end decide to get Luminar as well now....
  7. Hi, I have a very big Affinity Photo (latest version) with quite a few building plans in it. When I use copy flattened to extract one of the building plans from it and paste or export (jpg&png) it to a new file, AP seems to mess up the textures. See attached, left the exported image, right the original AP file. I like to have the result on the extracted part left to look exactly as on the original right image. Grass & street are bitmap fill layer textures. It is especially visible on left picture on the street on top, which suddenly is striped on the right side. Equally the grass loses its texture. The left picture is still 3000x2000 pixels, so resolution should be not the reason. Any ideas whats going on?
  8. Dear Serif/Affinity team, I would like to ask yet again if there are plans to add a similar sky replacement feature in Affinity Photo 2.0. I do own all three Affinity apps for PC, but have just tried Luminar. They have few great features and I am thinking of buying it. It would compliment Affinity Photo which I love. While, as the user in the last post mentioned, AI does not always work, it is great when it works, and it does work very often. In photography I prefer to keep things as original as possible, but, I am creating primarely advertising media, and there the goal is not to have an image exactly as it was taken, but exactly in the way it complements the product best. Now, if I can speed up some tasks with AI, it saves me time which either increases my profit, reduces the clients bill or allows me to focus on other more important tasks. So, the goal is not to have AI dominate the workflow, but much more have it compliment the workflow. Still, here is the question, if Affinity Photo gets a similar feature in its Release 2.0, it would be a waste of money to buy Luminar AI now. I much rather spent the money than on a Affinity Photo upgrade. Therefore I'd appreciate a comment from the team if this may/will happen. Thanks, Franzi
  9. Funny enough I figured it out myself. See attached.... Still, many thanks for your effort. Tire Track.afbrushes
  10. Hi. Thats really wonderful! Thank you. If you could soften the feather (antialias) the track zig zack elements a bit it would be even better. Is it possible to have 2 tracks beside each other like from a car? Regarding the type of brush, as i have never used that I guess both would be perfect as I can experiment than to get the optimum result. Attached here some tracks I have found which look perfect. Really, any one of them. Its for offroad vehicles on a beach. Thanks again, Fran TRACTOR_TIRE_VECTOR.ai
  11. Hi, is anyone around, who would be willing to share a "tire track" brush? I need to paint tire tracks onto a heightmap and a brush with tire tracks would be very helpful to do this. I am using A Photo & A Designer. Maybe someone here has one? Thanks so much, Fran
  12. At this occassion I'm done with it. I did adjust my renderings directly. Yes, it has to do with the RGB to CYMK conversion. For printing that has to be done and I had already adjusted to accomodate that to a certain degree. Still it turned out a tad to dark in the proof. That is also exactly why I always require a full proof. Actually when I write Fogra 51 I do use the from it derived CMYK profile to achieve that. My printer actually has these as downloadable ICC profile. Here is a description what happens: "This latest version of ISO 12647/2 standard printing conditions for offset litho was published in late 2014. The Fogra 51, coated, and 52, uncoated, colour datasets and the new CMYK ECI profiles made from these datasets, PSO coated v3 and PSO uncoated v3 Fogra52, were released at the end of last year. And yes, it is a little odd that the coated one does not refer to Fogra 51 and the uncoated does refer to Fogra 52! "
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