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  1. Apple Photos may or may not be what you are looking for but it does handle raw quite well. Also, it is not required to use the cloud with Apple Photos, you can store all your work on your computer. Presumably you already own Affinity. Affinity plus Apple Photos covers a fairly broad spectrum, although some users have experienced some persistent bugs with the Affinity extensions. Regardless of what direction you decide to go, my one piece of advice is similar to that given above by user_0815. Export and save good quality jpgs or tiffs of all your edits and keep them somewhere safe, before migrating your library to another app. Save your originals too. I understand your concerns about subscription based software. That said, unless you go with one of the open source solutions, Apple Photos (free for Mac owners) or something like Adobe Bridge (also free, but it is only a DAM), there are inevitably upgrade costs from time to time.
  2. Hi Ben, Edit in Affinity does work for me, sometimes. It is, however, too unreliable and I am never quite sure if my edits are going to save or not. I had great hopes for Affinity working with Apple Photos to replace Lightroom but I eventually tired of its capriciousness. The fact that it doesn't even recognize its own edits when I re-opened the image in Edit in Affinity (jpg or raw) was the last straw. I moved on to On1 almost a year ago. It does almost everything Affinity does (raw, layers, masks, panorama, etc) plus has a very good DAM. For me, it replaces Lightroom and Elements. I rarely use Affinity but it is there if I need it. I too found Nik Bhatt's article to be very interesting. In fact, by coincidence, I posted a link to the same article on the On1 community forum just yesterday.
  3. I did attempt an edit of a raw file with the "Edit in ..." extension and it did work ok. I am still on Catalina, however. I also attempted to "develop" a raw file using the Affinity Develop extension. Unfortunately, that results in the all too familiar "Unable to edit with Affinity Develop" message.
  4. Some things never change .... or maybe the saying is, change is inevitable, progress is not: Affinity photo 1.8.6
  5. If by Affinity Developer you are referring to the Affinity Develop extension, you can develop raw photos in the Edit in Affinity Photo extension to Apple Photos. You can then save the developed raw (Develop) and continue editing with Affinity or close Affinity and save thé changes in Apple Photos. In that sense, the Affinity Develop extension is somewhat redundant, although admittedly, since it’s there it would be nice if it actually worked. Apple Photos is also fairly reasonable in raw development on its own.
  6. Affinity Develop 1.8.4 back to its familiar "Unable to edit with" error ...... Oh well, maybe when 2.0 comes along. Fingers crossed unfortunately did not help. Some consolation can be taken from the fact that Apple Photos is actually a fairly good raw editor/developer in its own right, arguably as good as if not better than Affinity. There is really minimal if any advantage to developing raw photos with Affinity within Apple Photos, at least none that I can see.
  7. I had the same problem with 1.8.3 but it seems to be fixed in 1.8.4 update which has just come out. Keeping my fingers crossed ......
  8. I have the opposite experience. The Develop extension will not save edits to raw photos but the Edit in Affinity extension does - most of the time. But since the Edit in Affinity extension cannot be relied upon to save edits every time, and since the Develop extension cannot fulfil its primary purpose which is to develop raw photos, I no longer use either within Apple Photos.
  9. Hard to say how much the issue is with Apple and how much with Affinity. That said, the On1 Photo Raw extension works flawlessly with Apple photos as does External Editors for Photos (dates back to High Sierra days but still works with Catalina ....not bad for a $1.50 app).
  10. I have not noticed this with original previously unedited photos but I have seen a similar issue when photos edited by Edit in Affinity are subsequently re-edited in Edit in Affinity without any intermediate edits by another app. When opened in the Edit in Affinity extension, it reverts to the original without any of the previous edits. On the other hand, if you do a minor edit with Apple Photos after saving your initial Affinity edits, and then re-open in Edit in Affinity, the prior Affinity edits are there. The "baking" in of edits if one uses more than one app to edit a photo in Apple photos is explained in an online article by Nik Batt (formerly with Apple Aperture and now with his own project, Raw Power): The Ins and Outs of Non-Destructive Editing in Photos for Mac and IOS - TidBITS. Unfortunately none of this really solves the problem of these long standing bugs with Affinity within Apple Photos.
  11. No argument that LR may be the standard to beat. That said, On1 Photo Raw 2020 (and probably others) is hot on their heels. I migrated over to On1 earlier this year to replace LR 6.14 which was no longer supported on Mac Catalina. Overall On1 has met expectations as a replacement as DAM and for tasks formerly done with Adobe Elements. As I understand it, On1 interfaces with AP in much the same way as does LR. On1 can send files to and from AP in psd, jpg or TIFF format but it cannot read the AP format. Photos sent to AP for editing must either be flattened to save back to On1 in a compatible format or saved separately in AP format if one wants to keep the layers.
  12. I can’t speak to that as I do not have Photoshop, only Elements and LR. I have not found Catalina to be more buggy than previous versions for anything other than Affinity. The biggest change that affected me and perhaps many others was that 32 bit apps will not work on Catalina. Before upgrading users are encouraged to confirm whether any of the apps they use would be incompatible with Catalina. The two Affinity extensions which have issues with Catalina are Affinity Develop, which does not work with raw photos but does work with jpg (which don’t need developing) and Edit in Affinity, which in some circumstances for some photos does not want to save the edit. There are a number of threads on the bug forum and the desktop forum on this. The other extensions seem to work ok. I suspect part of the problem with them solving the Affinity bugs in Apple Photos is that it only seems to affect some users.
  13. I'm running Photos 5, the version that comes with Catalina. Using Affinity within Apple Photos has been hit and miss, sometimes the work arounds work, sometimes there are surprises. So I don't use it with Apple Photos anymore. If I need to use Affinity, I'll use it in stand alone mode or with the External Editors for Apple Photos app, an app that dates back to High Sierra times but still does the job with Catalina. I knew before upgrading to Catalina that LR and my older version of Adobe Elements would be problematic as 32 bit applications do not work with Catalina. Although LR 6.14 (which is 64 bit) can work in Catalina as long as it was installed before upgrading to Catalina, it is not supported by Adobe and components such as the installers and the application manager are 32 bit, so ever anything went wrong, it would have been impossible to re-install LR. My initial plan was to switch to Apple Photos for the DAM and basic edits and use Affinity Photos for more advanced edits. That worked for a couple of weeks with Mojave but fell apart with the upgrade to Catalina and the subsequent issues between Apple Photos and Affinity (unlike some, I didn't have any issues with Mojave, they started with Catalina). I then discovered On1 and it pretty much does everything I need for now as both my DAM and my main editing application. I'm not a power user so it works for me.
  14. With regard to Lightroom like products, I switched to On1 Photo Raw in early 2020 as a result of incompatibility between LR 6.14 and Catalina. I am very pleased with On1 Photo Raw to date. As a DAM it is very similar to LR, the migration of edits worked better than I expected, and with its layers capability it also takes care of the relatively light Photoshop-type tasks I used to do with Adobe Elements.
  15. Very much regret to confirm that there are still problems with Affinity Photo extensions in Apple Photos, in particular Edit in Affinity Photo and Affinity Develop. It seems unlikely there is a fix in line anytime soon, indeed, it seems to be very low on the priority.
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